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About ShadowsNet

ShadowsNet is a self-publishing online platform for content created by book author and digital artist ShadowsFinger. These content may vary from book series, to webtoons, and may change according to the passage of time.

All stories can be simiarly be read on Amazon Kindle, Patreon or Webtoon. Have fun reading and if you’d like to spread the word, please remember to share with your friends!

Author Bio

ShadowsFinger is a web developer who began to pursue the art of writing in 2018, publishing the Dual Sword God book series. After being exposed to many Wuxia and LitRPG stories, he fell in love with the genre and decided to try out writing as an exciting hobby. Drawing comics and creating fascinating worlds for a significant part of his childhood, writing quickly became a newfound passion for him, one he’d never thought to enjoy.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope that you will find my series entertaining.