Ascenders Rift


Ascenders Rift

# System # OP-MC # game-elements # Romance # Action # World-Travel # Strong-protagonist # Apocalypse Reincarnation # Second-Chance # Gods and Demons

Status: 240+ Chapters (Ongoing)


It is the year 2050 of the Earth Calendar, and while many would think it to be an ordinary year, it is far from what one would expect. With the arrival of Rifts popping up all over the world, portals that came to be known as Ascenders Rifts, a new era is born. Though filled with endless possibilities, the world itself is on a path of destruction.

Evan Cross, a warrior from the ruined future, struggles to fight against the inevitable fate of humanity. After failing to save the world two times, he is faced with the same choices yet again, but this time it might just be different.

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