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    DSG Chapter 8: Monkey liquor

    Mount Tydol was a vast and mysterious mountain range filled with many kinds of unusual plants and strange beasts. There are many varieties of spiritual herbs and plants scattered about the rough grassy terrain, with spirit fruits growing from humongous ancient trees. Their branches have become so large that they appeared to have blocked off the sky as they stretched across the wild forestry deep within the mountain range. Roar! The cries of various types of essence beasts could faintly be heard resounding throughout the entire region, further increasing the wild and untamed atmosphere. The sky was getting bleak, as specks of water drops started to fall from the clouds…

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    DSG Chapter 7: Tydol Mountain Range

    In the blink of an eye, a week had passed, and the Sky Splitting School selection date was getting closer and closer. Machen Town quickly became more crowded with a merry atmosphere. The density of travelers, wanderers, and merchants was only increasing day by day with no sign of ending in the short term. Within the Feng Manor, on the extensive training field. Feng Yu could be seen training non-stop as flashes of white light danced around the area. Swish! Swish! Swish! A flash of light could be seen trailing in a straight line within the space of 10 meters. Vaguely, the figure of the young man could be seen…

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    DSG Chapter 6: Lighting Flash Steps, Blazing Mantis Palm

    The weather was great today. As the winds blew, fresh leaves scattered among the training field scattering among the dozens of others clustered within the grass. A figure could be seen dressed in red Shaolin-style robes with a black sash tied around his waist. He sat silently within the vacant field, unmoved by the forces of the wind flowing around him. “Hmm, the <Blazing Mantis Palm Arts>, the Martial Skill Uncle Junling found, is quite interesting due to its capability of using the fire essence deep within my body’s core to launch swift and profound palm offensive techniques. It seems to be based off an actual Demon Flame Mantis. In…

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    DSG Chapter 5: The Ancestral Phoenix Clan

    Sitting on a mat in the center of the hut, Feng Junling reached for a jar of wine and started to chug it down. He looked at Feng Yu, who currently sat before him, with an earnest appearance on his face. “Our Feng Family Clan has an extremely ancient history. It was only about a 100 years ago we used to reside in a place far away from here. This place was known as, the ‘Sacred Domain.’ It is a land situated within the core of this continent we live on, which is known as the True Yuan Continent.” Listening carefully to his uncle, Feng Yu was suddenly enlightened. He…

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    DSG Chapter 4: The Path of Body Training

    Seated within the sea of fire, Feng Yu felt as if he had left the mortal plane and traveled to the deepest layer of hell. His skin began to turn to black giving off the pleasant scent of roasted meat “AHH! Dammit! Such a ruthless cultivation method. How is anyone supposed to cultivate like this? I have to hurry, or I’ll be cooked alive!”. Quickly, he began to circulate the cultivation method as if it was ‘burnt’ into his heart. The intense concentration of fire essences in flames started to gather towards him in streams. If one were to look carefully on his skin, they would see that as more…

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    DSG Chapter 3: An Unusual Aura Pulse, Nirvana Flame Cultivation Technique

    Feng Family, within Feng Yu’s room. After being seated in a crossed-legged position for most of the daytime. Feng Yu finally let out a breath of fresh air. “Whew! These medicinal pills are quite effective despite being mortal tier pills. I’m roughly 90 percent recovered. Hmm, now let’s have a look at this body shall we,” Feng Yu said as he wiped the sweat from his forehead and began to look inside his inner consciousness. Within his sea of consciousness was a vast misty space filled with water that continued to stretch seemingly without end. As Feng Yu inspected the size of his inner-space within his inner-consciousness, he was shocked!…

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    DSG Chapter 2: The Will of a True Dragon

    In a vast and brightly lit room, a middle-aged man dressed in simple clothing sat on top of a strange looking mat. He had dark red hair with streaks of silver appearing on the edges, and a hard face that seemed as if a chisel had sculpted it. His eyes not only showed a trace of weariness but a firm spirit that have shouldered most of the wind and rain in life. There were many piles of documents and jade slips scattered around his figure on the floor. In front of him stood a table the height of a stool with a variety of scrolls along with an ink container…

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    DSG: Chapter 1 – Feng Yu

    Prologue In an old worn-down shack within an unusually quiet district, a 15-year-old boy was lying on the ground. His clothes were torn to shreds, and bloodstains covered both him and the wooden floor. His attractive face was bruised and battered, and his long red hair was unkempt. A few strands of hair dropped across his pale white face giving him a sickly look, as the severe blood loss from his grave wounds made his skin grow paler by the second. Outside of the shack, two figures were currently chatting. “We are finally done.” A young man said after wiping the sweat from his forehead, he was dressed in black…

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