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  • Digiverse

    DV Chapter 10

    Prev The battle was over in an instant as compared to everyone else; Nero was too weak. Two figures stood back when he challenged the Tyrant Slime and observed in silence. As they saw how the slime knocked him unconscious, they couldn’t help but laugh in mockery as he unconsciously lay on the ground. The Tyrant Slime yawned in boredom; it reformed into normal slime form and jumped back onto the boulder at the center of the riverside. “Pssh! That guy is no different trash. Master was right; he’s nothing more than a useless stud.” “Indeed, he couldn’t even land a hit on the beginner slime. The master shouldn’t be wasting…

  • Digiverse

    DV Chapter 9

    Prev Next A distance away from the Winfrey Village, Nero was walking within the track of grass and dirt, the fresh air blowing across his face, rustling his hair and his new black karate uniform as he moved ahead with a pair of simple sandals.  Looking at him, he’d seem akin to a fighter from a Chinese martial arts film. His appearance was even better than before, but Nero’s face was sullen as he grumbled, “Such a mean old hag. I thought she’d give me armor or something, but what is this crap I’m wearing? Does she think I’m in wuxia or something?” Following his words, Nero gritted his teeth and inwardly…

  • Digiverse

    DV Chapter 8

    Prev Next Winfrey Village was one of many others used to welcome lower-class races in the Genesis Zone, governed by the ancient remnants born of the land, bounded by its rules. Unlike the Digitizers, who can compete for the treasure, the locals can only act as guides in solving their forgotten history. In some zones, they have built large kingdoms and empires, carrying on what remains of their ancient heritage. Within these regions, the Digitizers of powerful societies in the outside world had similarly constructed their influences. Digitizers have many different classes, Novice, Lesser, Superior, Warrior, and Mystic, each divided into 100 levels, except for the Novice Class, which only has ten…

  • Digiverse

    DV Chapter 7

    Prev Next “A long time ago, there was a god who governed all things. He was said to have possessed a mystical treasure with the power to defy everything, but in fear of its power, he sealed it away in the universe’s core. That place was a realm born of the Universe Ring known as the Digiverse, a relic capable of connecting all beings scattered across the endless cosmos.” Nero’s eyes showed a trace of interest while listening to the All-Seer’s story. Still, the All-Seer merely continued, “One day, the god’s will had beckoned to the universe, proclaiming the start of a contest, one that would grant the winner his treasure itself,…

  • Digiverse

    DV Chapter 6

    Prev Next Nero had awakened to an unfamiliar space; one he couldn’t quite describe with words. A realm of colorful lights that stretched far out into an endless horizon. Brillant stars shone brightly from all directions, each carrying a unique charm. Yet, among them was the most prominent star that stood at the farthest region in the void, giving off an aura of aloofness. Nero, who floated in this unusual space, looked around in surprise. He couldn’t help but exclaim, “What the heck? Where am I?” He turned his head, looking around in a flustered manner, but no matter which direction he turned, everything was the same, his position relative to everything.…

  • Digiverse

    DV Chapter 5

    Prev Next Minutes after the tragic accident, the setting of the atrocity soon became lively. Tractors towed the turned-over truck towards a different location as the flames from before were quelled by torrents of water from fire trucks. By now, a large group of police cars with flickering sirens had arrived and parked at the district’s center. A few policemen stood within sections blocked off by barricade tapes and those dressed in more formal attire. One of these individuals was a middle-aged man with a messy beard, droopy eyes, a hook-shaped nose, a broad forehead, and thick eyebrows. Unlike the more refined others, he wore an old dark jacket over his black…

  • Digiverse

    DV Chapter 4

    Prev Next A dismal wind blew across an empty street shrouded by the gloom of the night. The high crescent moon shimmered in its cold rays as if indifferently watching what seemed to have become a tragedy. In this area, a section of the road became shrouded by flames and formed a circle around a fatally wounded boy in a blood pool.  Nero remained motionless as if his soul had already left the world. Yet, as if to prove such notions wrong, an odd change occurred. As if driven by something, a shuffling sounded, followed by the appearance of a few familiar blobs of light. They floated from all sides, soon arriving…

  • Digiverse

    DV Chapter 3

    Prev Next Nero’s home was a small one, its rusty iron fence and overgrown lawn a clear sign of being unmaintained for years. In fact, despite its modest setting, it would almost appear like a retrofitted abandoned house. Yet, regardless of its outer appearance, one would be greeted by a different scene upon passing through its crooked wooden door. A standard flat’s typical living room appeared before Nero’s eyes as he closed the creaking door behind him. On the ground was an old carpet that lined a path over old wood with different unadorned pieces of furniture resting near. A couch rested on one side, and a bit further behind everything else…

  • Digiverse

    DV Chapter 2

    Prev Next For as long as I can remember, I was different. The things I could see ever since young were always so perplexing. I thought I had grown used to it, but even to this day, it’s still a wonder. A young man pondered to himself with tired eyes as he sat quietly near a window seat of a moving bus. Outside the window, was seeing pedestrians and vehicles moving about their business, laughing and chatting as others carried on in a hurry. However, unlike them, there were also a few unusual things. Tiny entities floated about the world; lifeforms made up of nothing but pure blobs of energy. They flew…

  • Digiverse

    DV Chapter 1

    Next Centuries ago, a mystical scene had lit up the starry night skies. Countless lights shone above the heavens, forming a dazzling ring at the universe’s core. When it came into existence, the infinite space-time shook as an ancient voice sounded to all beings. “To those chosen by the Universe Ring, venture beyond its boundaries and achieve your grandest wish. Whether for power, glory, or knowledge, find my legacy, and you will acquire what you seek.” The majestic voice echoed into the souls of all chosen lifeforms. Rumors say that following its announcement, the ring at the depths of the cosmos released many rays across the endless galaxies, shrouding card-shaped objects…

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