King of Dragons

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  • King of Dragons

    KOD Chapter 2

    Prev It was a world that headed to the path of ruin, filled with clusters of energies scattered about the land disorderly. Within this chaotic zone, in a region surrounded by mountains, there was a cliff as large as the sky. At its peak, which seemed like a sharp sword cut through it to create a flat surface, two figures faced a deadly battle. It was as if they were fighting a decisive battle with the fate of all lives. With each wave of their mighty weapons, several flashes of light would lay waste to the entire range of sky-shouldering mountains surrounding their peak. These blows left devastating craters many kilometers…

  • King of Dragons

    KOD Chapter 1

    Next The Keeper of the Gravestone   Power is the right of the mighty, gifting only who are worthy the will to rule all lesser beings. — DK. Kaizer   IN A WORLD FILLED WITH CONFLICT with powerful beings of a multitude of races, empires take arms to fight for dominance, each bearing the crest of the strongest fighting styles they possess, whether it be through magic or abstruse martial techniques. They battled for years and raged countless wars wreaking havoc on the land, eventually resulting in the birth of four mighty races that stood above all. They are the ambiguous Dark Elf Kind, the mighty Colossal Giants, the Superior Tiger…

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