• Loot Hero

    LH Chapter 2

    Script Version Igor was a boundless land; its ranges stretched as far as the eyes could see, ladened with forests whose trees soared to the high reaches. Towering mountains loomed over the distance, casting shadows down below to pastures and fields. It was a beautiful sight, one reflective of peace, but even in such a setting, one shouldn’t dare to let their guard down.  Other than animals and common wildlife, some creatures existed as a danger to many, monsters of the likes that sought only to bring destruction to whom they meet. Just like a peculiar party that now traveled through a rocky path blanketed the darkness of night. “They’re…

  • Loot Hero

    LH Chapter 1

    Script Version “Finally, I have defeated the Bane of Darkork! With this, I can claim his treasured artifact and become famous throughout these lands!” A female warrior in red said with excitement on her face. She was garbed in medieval breastplate armor, her chest area large and bountiful, housing massive mountains as she held onto a giant claymore the size of her body. This woman was known as Brianna, a famous warrior of Igor, Land of Heroes, and valor. Behind her was the victim of her prowess. A defeated monster that sprawled over on the ground. The very creature known as the Darloc, a giant lizard with two tails, dark scaley…

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