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Chapter 29 – A Strange Prophecy, An Unusual Selections

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The town of Machen, within the Feng Clan Manor.

Inside of the head clan hall, Feng Yu knelt on the floor while he greeted his Father, Uncle, and Aunt. As the surrounding individuals saw this scene, some of the elders and core members who were somewhat close in their understanding of the ‘previous’ Feng Yu made confused expressions as they pondered to themselves, “It seems his bearing has changed quite a lot, this can be considered a good thing.”

“Yu’er, are you ok? What happened? Why did you take so long to return? And How did you escape from the chaos at Tydol Mountain Range?” As Feng Yunlong asked a series of questions, he looked impatiently towards Feng Yu as he pressed for answers, his concern visible in eyes.

Hearing his questions, all the family clan members within the room paid close attention as they did not want to miss any of the details.

“Father, even I don’t know what happened as I was knocked unconscious for a period. If it weren’t for the fact that a friend I met was nearby in that time of need, I would have most likely perished within the mountain range. After I regained my consciousness, I then took some time to recover and rest before traveling back home,” Feng Yu said as he did not want to go into the details of killing the Huan Clan’s Young Master, as well as the dangers he experienced while leaving the mountain range.

“Good! Yu’er you must remember to invite this friend of yours next time, as my Feng Clan now owes him a debt of gratitude,” Feng Yunlong said as he sighed in relief that someone was there to aid Feng Yu in his time of need.

He couldn’t help but complain internally about his lack of vigilance in not sending any guards to protect Feng Yu, due to his preoccupation with the matter of unsealing the clan’s bloodline.

“As you wish father,” Feng Yu said as he nodded towards his father.

“Yu child, how did your training go? What cultivation level have you achieved now?” Feng Junling asked as he looked towards Feng Yu expectantly. It seems the only thing a martial arts fanatic like him would care about was Feng Yu’s progress in cultivation rather than safety.

Looking towards his older brother for a moment with an uncomfortable expression on his face, Feng Yunlong also followed up with an inquiry of his own, “That’s right! Yu’er, you’ve been out for training for a decent amount of time. How was your progress?”

Hearing his father and uncle’s interest immediately shift to that of his cultivation and seeing the curious expression on their faces Feng Yu laughed in his mind as he casually replied, “Replying to father and uncle, my training at the Tydol Mountain Range went smoothly as after tempering myself through various forms of life and death encounters. I have successfully cultivated to the middle-stage of 8 Tier Body Training realm successfully!” Feng Yu said casually.

“Middle-stage of 8 Tier Body Training realm… middle-stage of 8 Tier Body Training realm!” As Feng Yu finished his statement, the echoes of his words continued to linger inside of the main hall due to the deafening silence. Soon after followed by a large commotion amongst the gathered clan officials.

“What! The middle-stage of 8 Tier Body Training realm in only under two months, are you for real?” Elder Duan exclaimed as he looked towards Feng Yu with shock.

“How can this be? Is this the true potential of his top-tier aura pulse? Or is it due to his rich awakened true bloodline?” Elder Chen thought to himself; he started to wrap his beard around his finger seemingly lost in his thoughts.

Feng Yunlong as well as Feng Junling were similarly surprised but did not overreact; they looked at each other for a moment before nodding as if they were exchanging messages.

Feng Xingyu who was bored with the meeting soon got excited when she heard about Feng Yu’s cultivation, as she was about to go talk with him a hand lightly tapped her on the shoulder. Looking over to her side, she saw Feng Yunlong looking at her with a strange look in his eyes. Quickly, realizing what he meant she then stopped her movement and watched Feng Junling who slowly rose from his seat making his way towards Feng Yu.

Seeing his uncle stand before him Feng Yu felt strange he began to ponder, “I wonder what Uncle Junling is planning to ask.”

Seeing Feng Junling’s actions all clan core members and elders soon became silent once again as if they realized what he was now going to do.

“Yu child, how much do you know about the coming talent selection hosted by the kingdom’s Sky Splitting Sword School?” Feng Junling asked while looking at Feng Yu before him.

“Uncle Junling, I don’t know much, only a few rumors here and there about some strange prophecy,” Feng Yu said, as recalled the scene at the pub.

“Hmm, it’s to be expected, after all the only persons who truly know the details are those who exist at the top of the pyramid as well as certain capable outside parties,” Feng Junling said, as he smiled while looking at Feng Clan Elders.

A feeling of smugness rose deep within the Feng Family Clan members hearts, but soon, it was ruined as Elder Duan shyly rubbed his nose with his index fingers while replying as if to claim credit, “Haha! My ‘Hawk~Eyes Squad’ is truly capable indeed.”

“Chet!” While some made noises of discontent no one voiced out their opinions as they all knew too well the capabilities of the squad.

Seeing this expression, Feng Yu felt like laughing, but soon he cleared his distracting thoughts and asked Feng Junling, “Uncle Junling, then what exactly is this so-called prophecy? Who was it that said it? And Why has it caused such a commotion?”

“It’s pretty simple really; it was about three months ago the Bright Flame King hosted a banquet for a mysterious individual who was hailed to be a ‘Divine Prophet’ from a distant land. Based on the information we have gathered, we found that the Bright Flame King had wanted to use that opportunity to divine the future of the kingdom. But, who would have thought that what the famous Divine Prophet would say would be on such a shocking scale?” Feng Junling said as he looked at Feng Yu.

He then took out a piece of parchment with a few words written on it with the most exquisite calligraphy techniques giving it to Feng Yu for inspection. Seeing the paper in front of him Feng Yu quickly received it and started to recite the words:

“The Ancient Dragon Will Rise from the East as New Chosen’s will be born in this Generation.”

“The Rosefinch will Burn the West as One Arrow will Pierce the Heavens.”

“The Star Governing Destiny Will Fade as Heaven and Earth will Fall into the Eternal Darkness.”

“As the ‘Eternal Ancient’ will Ignite Once More A New.”

Reading all of this Feng Yu felt confused as he looked towards Feng Junling and asked, “Uncle Junling, while these statements are a bit over the top and quite profound. What does this have to do with the approaching Talent Selections?”

Hearing his response, Feng Junling smiled and replied, “Normally it would mean nothing to us, however, there was another crucial factor that got everyone riled up. It was the fact that a very long time ago there was a place in which practitioners would go to temper themselves and seek fortune. A legacy of an ancient civilization that used to reign supreme during the Pre-Calamity Era of the True Yuan Continent. However, it’s been a very long time since the entrance to this place has appeared to the world.”

The Family Elders and Core members listening soon had a light of excitement shone deep within their eyes. Feng Yu’s aunty and his father both started to grip their fists tightly.

Pausing for a short moment, he took a deep breath to control the excitement inside of his heart and continued with his statement, “This place is known as the ‘Ancient Dragon Battlefield.’ A place that can appear as it wishes with no particular time for its next appearance.”

Hearing this a wave of excitement rose within Feng Yu’s eyes as even back in his old world there was a term for places like this he looked towards ask he spoke in a hurried manner, “Uncle Junling! You don’t mean…”

Promptly responding Feng Junling continued excitedly, “Em, that’s right! The battlefield of the Ancient Dragon Clan that used to reside at the center of the Pre-Calamity True Yuan Continent. This battlefield was said to have been lost to the ages of time, never appearing again since pre-calamity. A very ancient and mysterious ‘Mystic Realm.’

“A Mystic Realm!” Feng shouted in his mind excitedly as if forgetting his last encounter with the one from his past life. Soon, however, he cleared away his excitement as he once more asked a question to Feng Junling.

“But Uncle Junling, how would they know whether or not the entrance would appear just because of a single prophecy?”

Hear Feng Junling had a replied with a slightly pondering expression, “The answer once again fall on the mysterious ‘Divine Prophet’ as even our information squad had no means of looking up any further details. We only know that once the Divine Prophet made his second divination all the powers hidden both on the inside and outside of the Bright Flame Kingdom were secretly transferring some of their forces to the Kingdom, placing most of their human resources within the vicinity of Machen Town.”

“Eh? Machen Town? Why would they gather at Machen Town?” Feng Yu asked puzzledly.

“While we do not know the details for sure, what we do know with certainty is that the Ancient Dragon Clan’s Mystic Realm most likely holds a certain relation to this remote and seemingly average town. The coming Talent Selection is only a guise for what remains hidden underneath its surface,” As Feng Junling said this a look of certainty appeared in his eyes.

“Then will we be making any particular movements?” Feng Yu asked as he noticed the clan’s strange atmosphere. Hearing his question, the core members of the clan soon began muttering to themselves.

“Originally, we were going to avoid taking part in this complex situation, but who would have thought that fate or rather, destiny. Would give us the chance of having the fortune of an awakened True Bloodline Successor, now that our bloodlines have awakened, we have grown to a level that should make us capable of partaking in this scheme,” Elder Chen said as he looked towards Feng Yu as if looking at a prized piece of gold.

“Hahaha! Indeed, you’ve really come true for us this time Yu boy,” Elder Duan said, hearing his words the core officials started to laugh. Seeing this scene, Feng Yunlong who was quiet all this time finally once again opened his mouth to speak.

“Em, we do, but we will not be the ones to make the first move, as the saying goes – ‘The mantis stalks the cicada unaware of the oriole behind.’ We will only act when all the hidden forces have revealed their cards in hand; our Feng Clan needs these kinds of opportunities if we want to regrow to a stronger scale. Now that situation has gotten to such a state there is no meaning in partaking in the selections we only need to adopt a wait and see behavior then reap the benefits of the outcome.”

“That’s right, we do not need to send any of our talents to partake in such a fiasco when there is a much larger matter at hand,” said a core official.

“I’m still willing to participate,” After listening to his elder for a while, Feng Yu finally replied.

“Eh, you still want despite the current undercurrents,” Elder Duan asked confusedly.

“Yes, I want to test my strength against the ‘talents’ gathered from distant places as for what happens after that I will act according to the family’s plans,” Feng Yu asked as he looked towards his father and Feng Junling.

“Hmm, fine. You have my permission to participate, come to my room later after the clan meeting,” Feng Yunlong said as he looked towards his son with a hint of praise as he thought to himself, “Seeking to temper yourself even in the face of uncertainty a demeanour of a true expert reminds me of Junling in his past glory.”

“Yes, father!” Feng Yu said as he stood up from the floor and headed towards a vacant seat nearby the table.


Far away at a distant location, there was an enormous city that rested between two gigantic mountains.

The mountains where strange almost lifelike as they wrapped around the edges of a city like a dragon coiled around itself. Looking with the naked eye one couldn’t see the end of the city, even if they were blessed with godly eyesight capable of viewing the city from 10000 kilometers away. A large variety of multi-colored divine thunder would endless fall from heavens as if trying its utmost to the destroy the mystical city beneath it.

It was a pity, however, for all its power could only fade away upon coming in contact the two coiled up dragon-like mountains.

As if treating the threatening divine thunders like they did not exist, many groups of practitioners could be seen casually going about their daily lives. While some preferred walking on foot, there were those who rode a variety of floating instruments that soared through the sky, making their way to distant parts of the city.

At the center of this mystical city was a towering wall that stretched out as far as the eye could see. It had a massive gate that had two dragon sculptures that rested at its sides each giving off an aura that could even shake the will of any man. In front of this gate, there was a giant, a strange creature at that, with one humongous crystal-like eye on its forehead.

A Cyclopean… hailed to be a very ancient and mysterious race that was said to have gone extinct since ancient times. Suddenly, it opened its eye and looked towards a specific location on the broad and distant street.

Step. Step. Step. Soon, the silhouette of a man could be making his way towards the gate. As this man walked, there was a strange rhythm per his movements. It seemed as if each of his steps took him further and further towards a distant time rather than the present. Seeing this man, the cyclopean then closed its eye acting as if it didn’t see him.

Creaaaakkk! Bang! The gigantic gate was slowly opened, and shortly after closing in a strange manner.

Inside the gate was a different world. Yes, a small world that exists inside of a city. At its center stood a castle that had no need for guards, all the individuals whom walked along this stretch of space and loitered about gave off a vast aura, as if they were indifferent to all beings existing outside of this small world. However, for some reason, they would curiously and pensively glance at the strange man who walked in and headed towards the castle.

Seated on top of a throne that emitted endless lightning, a youthful-looking man could be seen with a strange lightning bolt resting by his side. His eyes remained closed as if nothing in the world was worth his sight, as his body started to emanate an immense imperial aura filled with dignity and oppressive might. Soon though, he abruptly opened eyes, gazing at the strange man who now stood a few meters before him.

“Why have you come?” The man on the throne emotionlessly said.

“There was an unusual fluctuation felt in the Outer Continent,” The strange man said indifferently.

“Hmm, that degraded and desolate place. Why is any of their matters our concern?” The man on the throne said ask he knitted his brows.

“Normally it wouldn’t be, but there was something felt from that fluctuation that felt extremely familiar. So, I had my subordinates use their means to identify this aura which leaked from the Outer Continent taking roughly about two months of time,” The strange man said once again.

“What was it?” The youthful man on the throne asked with sparse interest.

“It was… ” The strange man said while pausing for a moment to look straight into the eyes of the youthful man on his throne before continuing, “The Aura of the Phoenix…”

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