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Chapter 33 – Lang Kuang, Miren Fei

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Inside the of Feng Clan Manor, within a training field.

As the day began to fade, the curtain of night slowly descends unto the world once more. A young man could be seen seated in crossed-legged posture as he drew upon the flames essences of the heaven and earth to temper his body. Within his body, his internal organs and inner veins were completely glowing with a golden crystal hue.

Bang! With the sound of something overflowing, all the essence-energies gathered inside Feng Yu’s body burst out into the surroundings transforming the field around him into a small sea of flames and lighting. His eyebrows and hair were glowing with a bright golden-scarlet color as his bloodline started the revolve on its own accord. Shortly after, his energies began to retract towards a central organ within his body flowing through his strengthened inner veins and settling nearby the organ.

Suddenly, Feng Yu opened his eyes, as he looked towards the burnt area with a hint of excitement, “Great! I’ve finally striven a step further and achieved the peak stages of 8 Tier Body Training realm. Hmm, such a powerful cultivation technique my internal organs and veins have been tempered to a stage no way inferior to that of a peak 9 Tier Body Training realm expert. My Dantian is also on the verge of true awakening, I wonder, will I be able to condense wisps of aura the moment I breakthrough to the 9 Tier. No matter, for now, I just need to focus and wait until the date of the auction to see If I can find a decent sword, then I should be able to make a bit more progress on my sword realm before the day of the selections.”

As Feng Yu was pondering his future direction for cultivation, a figure appeared in the vicinity and was walking towards him. He was wearing black qigong robes with black wrappings around his arms, and he had light blue hair with a somewhat handsome semblance, an angular face that was a bit above average with bright eyes gleaming with intelligence. It’s a pity though, for most of it could hardly be recognized due to his large conical hat.

Seeing this figure, Feng Yu revealed a curious expression, but soon it became filled with surprise. Quickly, the character appeared before him and promptly knelt on the ground.

“Young Master Yu, I have successfully achieved initial success with my <Lightning Flash Steps> and <Shock Palm>. My cultivation has already fully consolidated into the 9 Tier Body Training realm,” Dai Lin said as cupped his hands togethering while kneeling.

Looking over Dai Lin for a bit Feng Yu felt proud, he thought for a moment before speaking once more, “Dai Lin, very good! Your talent for the Electric Path has left me speechless, previously I told you to cultivate until your reach Aura Disciple realm before I assign you the second task. But, I’ve changed mind. Now that I’ve broken through, I won’t be able to increase my strength within a short amount of time. As such, I will use the little extra time I have to scout for talents. We will immediately head to the Town Battle Arena to see if there are any suitable talents that we can recruit into Dawnwing.”

As Feng Yu said this, he then turned around and made his way towards the entrance of the Feng Manor.

Hearing his words an interested expression soon came over Dai Lin’s face as he was curious what kind of individuals his young master would be willing to let join Dawnwing.

“Yes, Young Master!” Dai Lin said as trailed behind Feng Yu.


The scene in Machen Town was a lively one tonight, as groups of wanderers, practitioners, and locals squandered their times the streets. However, mixed amongst these people were a myriad of mysterious and unusual characters.

Dressed in a conventional style of clothing was a strange old man who quietly sat in the middle of the street drinking from a large jug of wine. It seemed as if he existed but did not exist at the same time, as the individuals within the road would directly pass him by as if he was nothing but air. He had a very casual and straightforward expression as he would occasionally laugh while he glanced around at the clueless individuals.

“Haha! Such a lively little place, but it’s such a pity no one is capable of even sensing this old man. Hmm, could the one I’m looking for truly reside in a place such as this?” The strange old man said as he placed on a pondering expression.

However, as if he felt something he glanced towards his right to see two individuals making their way through the streets. These two individuals were strange, as they made their way through the road, they would do so with a peculiar pattern as if they had practiced countless times to achieve a unique rhythm with perfect harmony. Vaguely, a hint of lightning energy could be felt in the areas they went by.

Seeing this scene, the strange old man felt curious, “Oh! Such a magnificent display of footwork, who are these two little fellas?” As he said this, he couldn’t help but send out a bit of his spiritual sense.

As if sensing something one of the youths looked towards his direction with an expression of uncertainty and caution. Seeing this a look of surprise soon came into the eyes of the strange old man as he thought to himself.

“Hmm, such remarkable senses, but he is not the one I’m looking for he does not carry any traces of a nefarious aura. Oh well, it seems that I may have to try from a different approach.” The strange old man said as he started to phase away from existence.

Swoosh! As if feeling the constraint that was placed on it disappear, the night wind that was pressured by some unknown force soon began to flow into the street once more.

“Strange, why is there so much wind now?” Feng Yu muttered.

Dai Lin who was standing behind him licked the tip of his fingers and pointed it in the air, after a short while he looked towards the direction the old was previously residing.

“Young Master, I feel that this wind is quite unusual, as it seems to have originated from the area just now,” Dai Lin said as he looked towards the area with a scrutinizing appearance.

Hearing this Feng Yu also focused his attention on the area but seeing nothing out of the ordinary he quickly decided to forget this matter, both once more made their way towards the arena.

Step. Step. Step.

Very quickly, both silhouettes vanished beyond the remote district disappearing amongst the sea of people.


It was a scene filled with hot-bloodedness brought about by intense action, as the martial atmosphere here was at its peak. The combatants who gathered to participate aimed to make a short name for themselves while earning big rewards from the nearby betting pools. This was the local battle arena, the place where heroes are born.

Bang! Thud! With the sound of a loud collision, the figure of a man could be seen tumbling down from the battle platform crashing harshly on the hard-concrete floor instantly losing his consciousness.

The individual who remained standing on the battle platform raised his arms high into the air as he listened to cheers of the audience; he had short silver hair that flowed wildly with the wind, while his face looked angular as if cut sculpted by a fine knife. He was dressed in long trousers with a sash around his waist and wore nothing but a silver scarf around his neck leaving his upper body bare to expose his well-toned muscular form.

“Wildwolf! Wildwolf! Wildwolf!” The crowd shouted unceasingly as they looked at the figure on the stage.

“He’s done it again! Earning his 20th consecutive victory! Who will break his reign? Who can defeat, this rising champion?!” The announcer said.

“Is there no one to fight!” As if he wasn’t satisfied, the fierce-looking young man said as he gripped his fights tightly, flexing his muscles on stage.

“Fight!… Fight!… Fight!” His voice reverberated throughout the field drowning the cheers.

As more and more practitioners gathered around the battle platform to observe, they couldn’t help but feel their blood boil with excitement due to the blatant provocation of the champion. Soon, the figures of Feng Yu and Dai Lin appeared within the vicinity as they made their way towards a remote corner to observe.

“Young Master, I will go an inquire about the current champion,” As Dai Lin said this he flashed like a streak of lightning appearing into the distant crowd, seeing this Feng Yu smiled as he thought to himself, “I cannot slack off the slightest, cause if I’m not careful his mastery of the lightning arts will exceed mine in no time.”

As Feng Yu inspected the combatant on the stage, he couldn’t help but praise inwardly, “Mm, this fellow is pretty good, he must be practicing some type of burst cultivation art specializing in pure offensive power to have gotten such a physique.”

As the combatant on the stage looked around the platform, he started to grow disappointed as he thought to himself, “Sigh, how boring I came to find a challenge and test my strength amongst the best. No one here is worth my time it looks like I’ll just have to wait until the talent selections to try my luck,” As he was about to leave the platform, there was an abrupt change.

Swish! A beautiful figure swiftly moved, as if like a leaf she glided through the air softly landing on the opposing side of the young man who stood on the battle platform. ¬

“Fellow Daoist Wildwolf, I Miren Fie would like to challenge you. Do you dare to accept?” The beautiful form said as she stretched out her right arm with her palms facing the sky, while her left arm was placed behind her back assuming an extremely confident posture.

She had flowing long hair the color of jade, and she wore a dark-colored sleeveless wushu uniform with green patterns. She had a beautiful face which although was not peerlessly beautiful it still stood out among top-class beauties.

Seeing the beautiful woman that came to challenge him a look of interest soon came over his eyes, he smiled and replied, “Humph! Beauty, while you do have some skill, it is not enough to make my Lang Kuang yield and withdraw. Come, let us see if you are able to make me reach my limit!”

As he finished speaking, he couldn’t help but give a sly wink towards the beauty, as he crouched down and placed his two fists together in his front looking like a mountain of muscle.

Bang! The essence-energy of a peak 7 Tier Body Training realm was instantly released to the world once more. Seeing this the scene Miren Fie was in no mood to retort to his sly commentary, she instant unleashed her concealed energies.

Bang! An equally significant amount of essence power gathered and formed around Miren Fie, and it soon clashed with the opposing energy of Lang Kuang creating a colorful scene within the snowy weather.

Swish! As Feng Yu stood quietly to observe the battle quickly, Dai Lin appeared once more by his side, sensing his arrival without turning his head he inquired, “So, Dai Lin, how did it go? Who are the individuals fighting? And Where are they from?”

“Reporting to Young Master Yu, that guy standing on the far left is called Lang Kuang about 19 years old also known as Wildwolf due to his fierce nature, it was said that he hailed from a remote hunting family in the hills area of the Grail Plains called the Lang Tribe. As for the beautiful miss who went to challenge him, she is the daughter of a wandering practitioner who was said to have perished not too long ago due to bandits,” Dai Lin said as he switched his vision over to the female on stage and continued.

“Her name is Miren Fei and is roughly around the same age as Lang Kuang. Because she tends to wear jade-like clothing, she has a small fame within the circles of rouges going by the title – Charming Jade,” As Dai Lin reported the information to Feng Yu, he too was also carefully observing the clash on in the battle platform.

Hearing this Feng Yu nodded and replied, “Hmm, interesting. Dai Lin, you did well! Remember to keep a keynote of them we will contact them after their match is over.”

“As Young Master wishes!” said Dai Lin with a bright expression as he looked at the two on the platform.

On the battle platform, the two figures were just about ready to go into full-on offensive, but right at this moment, there was an unexpected disturbance.

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