Dual Sword God,  Free

Chapter 38 – Sudden Insights, An Unusual Xiang Shu?

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It was a battle that transcended the very limits of man, as beams of sword light rained down destruction towards a desolate land of ruin buildings and ancient constructs. The energies bore through the buildings and tore through the earth, as it left deep gashes that scarred the very land.

Shing! Shing! Bang!

With the sound of an explosion, a blue-haired form was soon relieved hidden beneath what was once a towering ancient building. It then looked up towards another figure of red hair that stood above the earth descending like a god amongst men and then placed its fists together, forming a ball of electric current around its strange looking knuckles.

Pzzzzz! KA-Bang! Along with the sounding of thunder, a blue lightning bolt instantly soared to the sky from the ground leaving only a remnant shade of the previous blue-haired form, as it shot towards the red-haired form with full momentum.

“Heavenly Shocking Circuit: First Style – Double Shock Palms!” The blue-haired form roared.

The red-haired form looked on without any emotion as it moved one of the swords by its side in an elusive manner. Soon, a trail of swords could be seen creating an illusion of multiple swords surrounding the red-haired form.

“Sword Foundation Tactics: Path of Balance: Burry Mantis Swords!” The red-haired form shouted.

In an instant, there came silence, as the attacks of both forms collided creating a shockwave that instantly generated a vacuum zone. In the space, all sound ceased, but after a short moment, the ‘zone’ was soon destroyed by a raging current of blue electrical energy that spread outwards scattering towards the distant buildings and constructs creating further ruin to the environment.

Pzzzzz! As the electrical energies continued to wreak havoc, the red-haired form stood as firm as a rock in mid-air as it stubbornly blocked both fists of the blue-haired figure with its sword. However, there was suddenly a change, the blue-haired form that was pressing its attack retracted its skill as it flickered with blue lightning appearing a few meters away from the red-haired form focusing its gaze towards the sky.

Soon, a rain of arrows could be seen falling towards both forms at terrifying speeds, blanketing more than 200 meters of the sky. Followed by a voice that seemed to have sounded from everywhere but nowhere at the same time.

“HuiMang Bow Arts: 2nd Bolt: Sky’s Stripper!” Said the voice of a black-haired form which could now be seen hiding a few hundred meters away.

As the rain of arrows continued to fall, the two forms that were within its area of effect were not panicked instead they prepared to receive it directly. The blue-haired form moved and positioned its hands into a brawling stance.

“Heavenly Shocking Circuit: Second Style – Shock Palm Barrage!” It roared as it launched a barrage of palms towards the rain of arrows in the sky creating thousands upon thousands of electric palm shades, the bolts that encountered its palms exploded with brute force creating a small shockwave for each blow landed.

The red-haired form seeing this did not attack the rain of arrows but aim its vision somewhere else looking directly towards the black-haired form in the distance. Slowly, it reached towards the other sword on its left side and drew it, fully equipping itself with two swords. It then crouched down and leaned its body forward as it positioned the tip of each sword towards the ground with both arms placed backward assuming the form of a bird ready to take flight.

“Sword Foundation Tactics: Path of Eruption – Dual Blazing Sword Waves!” The red-haired form said as it roared.

Suddenly, a towering sword aura rose as an invincible prestige covered the entire small world. Clusters of flame essence-energies gathered around the red-haired form’s two swords, as blazing sword energies erupted towards the sky transforming the sky into a sea of flames. Just as the towering sword energy was about to unleash its wrath, there was an interruption.

Ping! “Your combat time has ended! Battle Result – Draw!” System Prompt.

Phew! After a flash of light, the magical battlefield on the platform disappeared, and Feng Yu, Dai Lin, and Hui Ying removed their hands from the compartments.

Hui Ying looked at Feng Yu in shock as he said, “Brother Yu! What on earth was that sword technique?”

Dai Lin also looked at Feng Yu with a bit of dread as he remembered the final scene.

As if he did hear them Feng Yu was currently standing with his eyes closed trying to remember the feeling he had just experienced. Sadly, the time was too short as the moment he inspired the strength of two swords he was ‘booted’ out of the platform. After a bit of time in his head, he cleared his thoughts and opened his eyes.

Shing! Almost as if a sword was drawn, an invisible intent appeared briefly for a moment only to disappear shortly after.

Feeling this intent that flickered for a moment Hui Ying and Dai Lin once again fell into a state of shock.

“Half-Step Sword Intent! How could this be?!” Hui Ying shouted as he took a step back only trip and almost fall on the floor.

“Young Master Yu is truly extraordinary!” Dai Lin said as he looked in awe at Feng Yu.

Feng Yu who was now fully aware of his surrounding hearing their exclamations scratched his head as he replied, “A pity, it was only a vague feeling of grasping ‘Sword Intent,’ I’ll need to get another sword and try it to truly grasp the feeling. If so I believe I may be able to not only step into the Sword Realm of ‘One with Sword’ but also grasp initial insights into the ‘Sword Intent.’ Such a superb platform, to think it could cause such an effect.”

“Mm. It is indeed an astounding device. Even I feel a slight hint of a breakthrough regarding my ‘Bow Intent.’ Even though those puppets were roughly on the same level and we could only compete with our comprehensions. It was enough to temper our already solid foundation regarding our Martial Path’s,” Hui Ying said as his bow that was on his back vibrated slightly.

“Em. My <Heavenly Shocking Circuit Scripture> has also reached another turning point, I believe I’m not far from unearthing another of its true combat skills,” Dai Lin said as he grasped his fists tightly causing a small electromagnetic field to appear around his fist like a ‘Domain.’

As they continued to discuss with each other the benefits of the ‘Battle of the Dummies’ game, there was a sudden announcement that came from a central RelayOrb inside of the room,

Ping! “Attention everyone and our Honoured Guests, the Mystery Pavilion Auction will commence in 40 minutes, please take this time prepare for the event,” The voice of a woman said.

“It’s about time this show got started, I wonder what kind of characters will show up?” Hui Ying said as he walked over to the window to look at the auction’s main room.

Feng Yu and Dai Li also went over to observe from their seats.

The view outside the window was a peculiar sight indeed, strange and mysterious character flocked towards their numbered seats with the guide of the Mystery Pavilion Staff Members. The auction room was a rather vast and spacious room within the building taking up more than 40 meters of the height from the building’s interior. The seated participants were divided into the layers, at the bottommost layer were ordinary individuals with common status, while the second, third, fourth and fifth layers going upward belong to the higher brass of society and top class mysterious characters from distant places.

As the characters were seating themselves and bickering a scene suddenly took place that drew most people’s attention.

Bang! Thud! A figure crashed towards the ground from the second-tier betting layer within the auction room, looking closely, it was a skinny looking young man with a face that was like that of a shrewd mouse with long black hair that trailed all the way down to his knees. The figure who tossed him off the platform was an arrogant looking man who appeared to have come from a place with a broad background.

“Chet! Where did this rat come from? Why was I not told that the Mystery Pavilion could not even handle its pest affairs?” The arrogant looking man said as his voice spread across the entire room filing the ears of everywhere one observing or not.

Listening to his statement some of the figures in the room started laughing and making jeers as they looked towards the form which was now seated crossed-legged position below.

“Hahaha! And Here I thought I’d seen it all, who would have thought that I’d be able to see a mouse this big?” A man that sat within the ordinary individual’s section said while laughing.

The form who had recovered from the fall soon picked himself up from the floor and portrayed an indifferent look towards the individuals who mocked him as he said, “Oh? Only the inferior class, seeking to displace my state of mind, you are not worthy.”

He then proceeded to walk towards his seat at the second layer once more, not paying any heed to the shock and anger of the ones mocking him.

When Feng Yu heard the commotion, he looked out of the window to see the familiar from that was tossed aside from the second layer of the betting room. He pondered for a while before muttering, “Hmm, why is that Xiang Shu here? I didn’t think the Xiang Family would have the status capable of reaching even the second class.”

“Brother Yu, who’s that down there? Are you an acquaintance of that fellow?” Asked Hui Ying as he noticed Feng Yu’s interest towards Xiang Shu.

Hearing his question, Feng Yu smiled with a hint of bloodlust in his eyes as he replied, “We certainly are acquaintances, we have a score to settle, and it will be settled very soon.”

“I see…” Hui Ying responded in a curious tone as felt the killing intent that lingered at the depths of Feng Yu’s words.

“It’s odd though,” Feng Yu said once more as his recovered and took a deep glance and puzzled glance towards Xiang Shu’s form.

“What’s odd?” Hui Ying asked in puzzledly.

“Xiang Shu is an arrogant fellow by nature, there is no way he would simply sit down and take these kinds of insults directly to his face. There is something different about him, including the way he currently acts, it’s almost, almost as if…” Feng Yu said as his words started to become unclear and he trailed off to his thoughts.

Dai Lin who was also observing Xiang Shu found it strange, as he saw Xiang Shu’s current temperament, he couldn’t help but ponder to himself, “Strange… he gives me the same feeling I had when I had mistaken Young Master Yu to be a beggar, this Xiang Shu, seems as if he is not Xiang Shu at all.”

As they were discussing amongst themselves the arrogant looking man felt discontented by Xiang Shu’s response, it’s as if he thought that by not kowtowing towards him and not apologising for his behaviour was an intolerable act done by Xiang Shu.

“You filthy, little mouse! Get down!” He roared as a towering aura covered the entire betting room, the power of a 5th Tier Aura Disciple was relieved to the world causing most of the weaker practitioners inside of the room to feel suffocated. As Feng Yu’s private booth was built with extraordinary means, it had the power to mitigate most of the aura.

“A random guest at the second layer already has such an overwhelming aura he doesn’t even look that old at most 26 years of age,” Feng Yu said.

Hui Ying looked at the scene in silence while nodding his head.

However, before the arrogant man could act out of place and attack Xiang Shu once more, another change occurred within the betting room.

Bang! Suddenly, the entire Mysterious Pavilion began to shake slightly as an overwhelming aura was resolved to the world, a towering power that shock the souls of everyone who it swept across. It was fierce and terrifying energy as it had hints of a heroic spirit far above the class of many individuals within the Auction. Soon, a cold voice sounded across the room into the ears of all practitioners.

“You would do best to remember that this is our Mysterious Pavilion, all conflicts must be settled outside!” The powerful-sounding voice said as the ripples of energies began to fade away.

The practitioners in the betting room and outside were shocked as most of them had never felt such a terrifying aura in all their lives.

“That was…” Hui Ying said as he looked towards the topmost layer of the Mystery Pavilion betting room in surprise.

“The prestige of a man about to cross the threshold, the peak of Warrior realm,” Feng Yu said as he also glanced towards the same location.

“To think they would even have someone of such a scale at such a remote town, could it also be because of that prophecy?” Hui Ying asked.

Feng Yu who heard this looked towards Hui Ying in surprise as he said, “Brother Ying, you also know of that prophecy.”

Hui Ying hearing this smiled and replied, “Let’s say I have a few sources.”    

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