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Chapter 40 – The Strange Ancient Sword Tablet? Bidding War!

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The auction room was quickly sent into a state of silence, but after a moment people began to clamor and exclaim towards the uniqueness of the item being auctioned.

“What kind of language is this?” Asked Ji Weng as he looked towards the Ancient Sword Tablet in a puzzled manner.

“Young Master, this language is strange it does not seem to be listed in any of our kingdom’s records. The notorious WhiteMask seems to be speaking the truth that Ancient Sword Tablet should hold quite a lot of secrets,” A scholarly looking man seated beside Ji Weng replied.

“Hmm, Very well then! We will bid for this item as well as the main item of the auction,” Ji Weng stated as he observed the Ancient Sword Tablet with interest.

“A great choice.” The scholarly looking man replied.

“Such incredible items are they artifacts from antique time?” An elderly looking man said, he was seated on the fourth platform observing the current item, beside him was a beauty dressed in a black dress with decorated markings.

“Grandpa Zhu! Do you believe that? If it were so rare why would this WhiteMask character be in such a rush to give it away?” Xin Qing said.

Grandpa Zhu turned around as if he was too lazy to bother with Xin Qing’s question and looked towards the man who had a hint of excitement visible in his eyes, as he sat quietly beside Tang Wu.

Feeling a vision cast towards him the serious looking man beside Tang Wu looked at Grandpa Zhu and smiled while speaking in a voice only the two of them could hear, “Does Old Zhu want to partake in a betting war for this item?”

Old Zhu smiled and responded, “Youngster, you’re still too early to jump into this kind of game.”

Hearing this the serious looking man mocked, “Ha! You’re right, but, age will not stop me from claiming this item right under your noise ‘Old Man'”.

Tang Wu and Xin Qing bitterly smiled as they looked at each other. They did not have any means to quell their family elder’s conflicts and could only stare as they both prepared to jump at each other through the betting war.

Madam Xuan looked towards the Ancient Sword Tablet with a bit of hesitation but decided to pass on it after all this item isn’t their objectives.

Inside the VIP private booth, Feng Yu had finally managed to calm himself down and was now observing the Ancient Sword Tablet with the sword plunged deep into it. His mind was lost in deep and complex thoughts concerning the origins of this auctioned item.

“What does this Stone Tablet and Sword have in connection with my old world? How could the language of the Tianlan Sword World be here?” He muttered in a puzzled manner as he furrowed his brows.

As Hui Ying saw this, he asked puzzledly, “Brother Yu! What’s the matter? What’s this Tianlan Sword World you speak of?”

Dai Lin also looked towards Feng Yu with some curiosity.

Feng Yu hearing Hui Ying’s question soon became sobered from his thoughts and answered casually “It’s nothing, only a place I’ve read about in an ancient book, I had once before seen this language connected to the name Tianlan.”

“Is that so?” Hui Ying replied in an unbelieving manner as he carefully scrutinized Feng Yu’s face.

Seeing that this mistake wasn’t going to be so easy to pass Feng Yu started to sweat slightly but before he could find an excuse the sharp retainer responded.

“Hmm, so Young Master is referring to that book from the old family archives, ah! It’s no wonder that language seems so familiar,” Dai Lin replied as he casually looked towards Hui Ying and Feng Yu.

Feng Yu hearing this secretly gave a thumb up to Dai Lin as he nodded his head and responded, “Em. That’s right.”

Upon noticing this Hui Ying decided to let it pass as even though he was still suspicious he didn’t see the need to pry too deeply. He looked at Feng Yu and asked, “Brother Yu, are you going to try your hand at that sword?”

Feng Yu hearing sighed in relief as he responded, “That’s right Brother Ying! I have a feeling that this item is connected to me, by destiny.”

While they continued to converse, the auctioneer WhiteMask had started to speak once more as he glanced towards the crowd and pointed towards the Ancient Sword Tablet.

“Guest and Honoured Guest, the betting will now commence, the starting price for this rare item will be no lower than three hundred thousand low-grade essence stones!” As he said this, he snapped his fingers and a light pillar illuminated the item.

As soon as his voice finished the first person to bet came from an individual who resided on the most top floor.

“The Molten Axe Sect offers three hundred-fifty thousand low-grade essence stones!” A gorgeous woman in a scarlet dress said.

“The Midnight Temple offers four hundred thousand low-grade essence stones!” A mysterious figure said, he wore a bamboo hat and was dressed in a dark robe with moon patterns.

“The Bloody Rose Union offers four hundred-twenty thousand low-grade essence stones!” The beautiful lady seated on the third layer said.

“The Tang Clan offers five hundred thousand low-grade essence stones!” The man seated beside Tang Wu said.

“The Xin Clan offers five hundred-fifty thousand low-grade essence stones!” Old Zhu also responded as he looked towards the man competitively.


As the crowd heard the names of the various influences that were striving to outdo each other in their betting war for the Ancient Sword Tablet, they couldn’t help but become shocked.

“Molten Axe Sect? I didn’t think they’d be here too!” An individual seated at the bottom layer exclaimed.

“Truly a gathering of ‘Dragons and Tigers,’ two big-time assassin groups as well as two heavyweight clans. Now that it is like this there is no hope of small-time influences such as ours to claim this item,” An experienced looking individual from the third layer said.

Seeing that their competitors were not going to let up anytime soon, the tension in the auction room became more severe as the top-class influences pitting against each other like there was no tomorrow.

“Chet! Old Zhu is that all you can afford! Tang Clan offers six hundred thousand low-grade essence stones!” The man seated by Tang Wu said once again.

“Hmph! I’ve got more than enough essence stones to spare! Xin Clan offers six hundred-fifty thousand low-grade essence stones!” Old Zhu combatively replied as he glanced sharply at the man from the Tang Clan.

Feng Yu who was observing this scene smiled to himself as he injected some essence energy into the RelayOrb and made his first bet.

“The Feng Clan offers seven-hundred-fifty thousand low-grade essence stones!” Feng Yu said as he looked through the glass at the competitors in a confident manner.

“What?” An individual on the lower platform exclaimed in shock.

“The tiny Feng Clan dares to bet in this kind of situation!” Xuan Bei replied as he looked around to find where the sound came from but try as he might he found no clue.

“That Feng Clan surely does not know good from bad, competing against the top-class influences in the Kingdom. They must be insane!” Xiang Tian who was seated in the second layer replied.

“Brother Tian says right!” Huang Mang said as he also searched for the Feng Clan’s whereabouts but found no clue.

As Xiang Tian finished his statement, he looked towards his son who was seated not too far away from him remaining silent and indifferent to all around him.

“What’s wrong with him? Why is he now acting like this? Could I be the one at fault?” Xian Tian pondered.

As Xiang Tian was having family issues the auction proceeded onwards, Xin Qing looked around the room in shock when she heard Feng Yu’s voice as she murmured, “I didn’t think that Daoist Yu would also bid for this item, where is he betting from?”

As she said this, she couldn’t help but recall the mysterious reply he gave at the battle arena.

“Qing’er, what do you know about this Feng Clan?” Asked Old Zhu as he searched around the auction room.

“Grandpa Zhu, so far I’ve only found out that this Feng Clan is an extremely normal clan that simply appeared in this town roughly a hundred years ago,” Xin Qing replied.

“A normal family clan…” As Old Zhu said this his vision finally fixed on the VIP walls section of the Mysterious Pavilion.

“A normal family clan can bet with our clan while seated in the VIP quarters?” He replied sarcastically as he moved his vision to Xin Qing.

Hearing this Xin Qing looked up in shock, as he looked towards one of the seemly ordinary walls. A few sharp individuals had also noticed this as well.

“This Feng Clan…” Madam Xuan whispered silently her thoughts unknown to all.

“Seven hundred thousand low-grade essence stones going once!” WhiteMask said as he noticed all the individuals seemed to be distracted by the sudden outburst from the Feng Clan.

“Shit! I can’t be distracted; the Xin Clan offers seven-hundred-fifty thousand low-grade essence stones!” Old Zhu replied.

“The Tang Family offers eight-hundred thousand low-grade essence stones!” The man from the Tang Family replied.

As if woken up by the two clans battle the other competitors were about to start their betting war once more, but suddenly there was another change.

“The Feng Clan bets one million one hundred thousand low-grade essence stones!” Feng Yu said.

As they heard this, the top-class influences and clans exclaimed in shock.

“Damn! How can they have so much money?” An individual cried out in anger.

“So, ruthless! To think they would increase the betting amount on such a scale as if not they don’t view that kind of sum as wealth. Sigh, the auction has just started, so I will not waste my time betting for an uncertain artifact with this silly clan,” Old Zhu said.

“……” The man seated beside Tang Wu looked in silence.

WhiteMask hearing the recent bid smiled with excitement as he spoke, “One million and one hundred thousand low-grade essence stones! Going once! Going twice!”

Slam! He hit his can on the ground once more and shouted, “Sold to the Feng Clan!”

As the influential people were in a commotion about the unexpected party, the Xiang Clan and Huan Clan Leaders looked at each other in shock.

“Brother Tian, was the Feng Clan always this rich?” Asked Huan Mang with a weary expression.

“Dammit! I don’t know anymore… this clan is too strange!” Xiang Tian replied in anger as he felt uncomfortable in his heart.

As the guest continued to complain about the Feng Clan’s strangeness the stage was cleared with the betting item replaced by another, WhiteMask then promptly continued the auction.

“The next item is a rare poisonous herb called ‘Reapers Kiss,’ it is an herb so poisonous that it could likely kill anyone below the rank of True Foundation realm in less than a breath of time. An herb that could only be found in the forbidden zone, ‘The Dark Marshes,’ the starting price is two hundred thousand low-grade essence stones!”

As soon as his voice finished, the two top-class assassination groups started their bidding war to claim the Reapers Kiss Herb.

“The Midnight Temple bets two hundred-twenty thousand low-grade essence stones!” said the man with the bamboo hat.

“The Bloody Rose Union bets two hundred-fifty thousand low-grade essence stones!” said the woman dressed in red.


Inside of the VIP Booth.

Feng Yu, Dai Lin, and Hui Ying sat and observed the auctions proceedings as they talked and drank fine wine. However, there was soon a minor disturbance at their private rooms door.


“The Mystery Pavilion has brought the latest item purchased by your excellency!” The voice of a staff member said while stood politely behind the door.

“Finally, it’s here! You may enter!” Feng Yu said as he was excited to see his item.

Hui Ying and Dai Lin looked towards the door expectantly.

Creak! Quickly, the door was opened, and a short young woman walked in with a storage ring placed on top of a decorated box, she walked over to the group and bowed politely once more.

“Greetings, your item is within this storage ring, may I ask the which of the honored guests have purchased this item?” She said as she looked at their faces.

“I did!” Feng Yu replied.

“Then Honoured Guest would you like to pay for this item now or schedule a time after the auctions?” She asked once more.

“I’ll be paying for this item at this moment,” As Feng Yu said this, he waved his hand, and a storage ring then flew towards the staff member who immediately caught it.

Swiftly inspecting the storage ring with her spiritual sense confirming it was the correct amount, she then gently placed down the storage ring along with the box on top of a table that was in front of Feng Yu and the group.

“That is all then Honoured Guests, I shall take my leave,” As she said this she then made her way outside the VIP room and closed door.

“Brother Yu, what are you waiting for quickly take it out?” Hui Ying pestered while looking strangely at the storage ring.

“Fine-fine!” Feng Yu said as he reached for the ring with his essence energy causing it to fly into his palm, he then placed it on his finger and willed for the Ancient Sword Tablet to appear in his front.

The moment it appeared a strange aura emerged within the room, it was as if the room became separate from the current time.

“How strange?” Hui Ying responded as he felt this odd change.

Dai Lin looked in surprise, but soon his gaze went towards Feng Yu as if wanting to see what Feng Yu will do.

While gripping the Ancient Sword Tablet, Feng Yu felt as if his mind had left his body as he went into an unknown realm. It was a space that had no sky and no earth only an endless horizon of purple fire. This fire was strange, as it appeared to have burned and burned for an interminable amount of time seeming as if trying to burn time itself.

“Where is this?” Feng Yu asked as he floated about this strange space, he continued to drift for a short while eventually coming across a platform.

Vaguely, a strange form could be seen seated on this platform within this sea of fire, it was a youthful man dressed in purple robes with long purple hair; his face was covered in flames, as his eyes were glowing with a strange but sharp light.

“You are!” Feng Yu seeing this man felt shocked.    

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