DIGIVERSE: The Universe Online

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Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, LitRPG, Virtual World, Game World, Game Elements, Level Up, OP MC, Power Fantasy, Scifi

Status: 240+ Chapters (Ongoing)


Nero Agustine was a Level 799 Mystic Class Digitizer renowned as the Silver Reaper, a fabled 'death god' within a mysterious digital world, known as the Digiverse. He had been on a quest that hinted towards the location of the treasure sought by many, a treasure that can unveil the final clues to a secret that could grant any of one's wildest dreams. Moments away from acquiring it, a mysterious figure appeared, striking him with a fatal blow before stealing the treasure. Nero thought his fate to be a cruel one, but through a stroke of unusual fortune, he was given the chance to start over anew, but not without its great cost. What will become of Nero's fate? Will he be able to achieve his desires one more? Only time will tell...

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