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Feng Yu Web Novel Cover LQ-min

Dual Sword God

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Chinese

Status: 240+ Chapters (Ongoing)


In the Bright Flame Kingdom, there exists a small town known as Machen Town. A boy of age 15 called Feng Yu was beaten to death by the son of the Xiang Clan. Upon his death, a soul that seemed to have traveled through time and space quickly took over the body. It was the soul of a martial arts expert from another world also bearing the name of Feng Yu. Seeing that he has been given a second chance of life he decided to take his new identity and his family with him on his journey to the peak of martial arts. This is the story of the Dual Sword God.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Feng Yu

Chapter 2 -The Will of A True Dragon

Chapter 3 - An Unusual Aura Pulse? The Nirvana Flame Cultivation Technique!

Chapter 4 - The Path of Body Training

Chapter 5 - The Ancestral Phoenix Clan

Chapter 6 - Lighting Flash Steps, Blazing Mantis Palm

Chapter 7 - Tydol Mountain Range

Chapter 8 - Monkey liquor

Chapter 9 - A Dangerous Situation, Golden Furred Ape King!

Chapter 10 - A Narrow Escape!

Chapter 11 - The Sword Is My Life, Hot Bath Rebirth

Chapter 12 - Night Turns to Day, A Startling Phenomena

Chapter 13 - An Ancient Tomb

Chapter 14 - Tydol of the Phantasmal Swords

Chapter 15 - The Path of Swords

Chapter 16 - Sword Legacy? First Contact?

Chapter 17 - Fu Ling

Chapter 18 - The Power of a Charmist

Chapter 19 - Bloodline’s Prestige Vs Dual Seal Charms

Chapter 20 - The Way of the Sword

Chapter 21 - The Battle Between Man and Beast 1

Chapter 22 - The Battle between Man and Beast 2

Chapter 23 - A Shocking Scene! The Creature???

Chapter 24 - The Sword that Split the Sky

Chapter 25 - A Toast To New Friendship

Chapter 26 - Heaven gave you a chance, Yet here you came looking for Hell

Chapter 27 - The Bustling Machen Town

Chapter 28 - Return to the Feng Clan

Chapter 29 - A Strange Prophecy, An Unusual Selections

Chapter 30 - Incoming Trouble, A Talk With Father

Chapter 31 - Insights into the Extremity Path, Dawnwing!

Chapter 32 - Unusual Characters, Aunty Xingyu’s Troubles

Chapter 33 - Lang Kuang, Miren Fei

Chapter 34 - Trouble at the Arena, An Unexpected Gathering

Chapter 35 - Dai Lin’s Strength, I’m Just a Passerby!

Chapter 36 - Dai Lin’s Fame, Hui Ying Visits

Chapter 37 - The Mystery Pavilion

Chapter 38 - Sudden Insights, An Unusual Xiang Shu?

Chapter 39 - The Auction Begins

Chapter 40 - The Strange Ancient Sword Tablet? Bidding War!

Chapter 41 - The Purple Rose Sword Exault, Crimson Ember

Chapter 42 - The Auction’s Finale!

Chapter 43 - A Dominant Display, End of the Auction

Chapter 44 - Arrival of the Sky Splitting Sword School, One with Sword!

Chapter 45 - The Beginning of the Selections

Chapter 46 - The Ascending Dragon Platform

Chapter 47 - The Ascension Phase

Chapter 48 - The Dragons Rise as The Tigers Descend

Chapter 49 - The Completion of the Ascension Phase

Chapter 50 - The Chosen Wars

Chapter 51 - The Chosen Battle Arena, The Battle Starts

Chapter 52 - The Power of Dawnwing! Miren Fie Goes to Battle!

Chapter 53 -Wild Wolf Lang Kuang Vs Seven Blade Ni Wen

Chapter 54 - Dark Clouds Looming Over, I Hate Roses!

Chapter 55 - An Old Tale, Taking the Stage!

Chapter 56 - The Birth of the Red-Haired Sword Fiend!

Chapter 57 - The Fall of the Western Genius

Chapter 58 - Blue Thunder Dai Lin Vs Bright Flame List Tang Wu

Chapter 59 - A Fallen Prince, The Ghostly Xiang Shu!

Chapter 60 - The Ten Pseudo Chosen, Brothers Conflict!

Chapter 61 - The Absolute Spear, Overwhelming Mental Power!

Chapter 62 - Star Body Practitioner, The Might of One with Sword!

Chapter 63 - The Final Chosen War, A Startling Change!

Chapter 64 - The Ancient Door

Chapter 65 - The Chosen Battle Royal, Evening the Odds!

Chapter 66 - Clash of Monsters, Battle Prestige!

Chapter 67 - Dual Sword Prestige! A Familiar Scene?

Chapter 68 - Soul Eater Ghost Fiends!

Chapter 69 - Ten Thousand Cloudy Corpse Formation

Chapter 70 - A Desperate Situation!

Chapter 71 - The Situation Changes!

Chapter 72 - The Mighty Feng Clan! Pandora’s Box?

Chapter 73 - Sudden Thunder? Severely Injured Ghost Master!

Chapter 74 - Opening the Door, The Dark Cloud Changes!

Chapter 75 - The Ghost Masters True Body! Ethereal Exault?

Chapter 76 - The Land of Fallen Geniuses…

Chapter 77 - Inner Changes, An Unexpected Crisis!

Chapter 78 - The Gloomy Forest, Endless Rain Zone

Chapter 79 - An Unknown Party? The Alarmed Zone Commanders!

Chapter 80 - The End of the Adaption Phase

Chapter 81 - 10% Aura Condensation, Alarmed Fiendkins!

Chapter 82 - War Command, A Phoenix’s Way!

Chapter 83 - Matuk’s Tribe, A Dangerous Mission!

Chapter 84 - The Mystical Fortress of Battlefield?!

Chapter 85 - The Scorched Battlefield, Feng Yu’s Plan!

Chapter 86 - The Strange White Cocoon? A Spark that Leads the Way!

Chapter 87 - The Calm Before the Storm!

Chapter 88 - The Power of Middle-Class Fiends!

Chapter 89 - The Completed Ascension Ritual!

Chapter 90 - The Situation Changes! Vying for the Pillar!!

Chapter 91 - An Ancient Inheritance?!

Chapter 92 - The Birth of a New Bloodline!

Chapter 93 - A Different Path? Pandora’s New Legacy!

Chapter 94 - A Shocking Change!

Chapter 95 - A Hereditary Vision? Xingyu’s First Awakening!

Chapter 96 - The Beauty Stranded at Deep Sea…

Chapter 97 - The Silver Wolf of the Feral Zone!

Chapter 98 - Breakthrough to Aura Disciple, The Awakened Dantian!

Chapter 99 - Thunderblaze Battleform! A Debt to be Repaid?

Chapter 100 - The New Palace Guard!






Cultivation Realms

The cultivation realms start off with general tiers then advance to the low, middle and high-level classifications, after transcending mortality and shedding the mundane, cultivation changes entirely to being related to specific areas.


"The mortal can only walk the path of true godhood by first training the body, then to gathering potential, and building a firm foundation. once they condense true qi - battle qi they will be ready to challenge the trials of the heavens...."

An ancient individual's statement.


Human - Low-class lifeform
Less than = 100 years

Body Training realm - 1 - 9 Tier - Mortal - Objective Refining Body
Lives for = 100 years

Aura Disciple realm - 1 - 9 Tiers - Practitioner - Objective Gathering Aura
lives for = 200 years of life

True Foundation realm - low - middle - high | - Objective Building Foundation
Lives for = 250 years of life

Warrior realm - low - middle - high - peak - half step true soul - Objective Condense Battle Qi
Lives for = 500 years of life

True Soul realm - 6 Cycles - Soul Related - Higher Lifeform
Lives for = ??? years of life

Heavenly realm - Realm Details Hidden
Lives for = ??? years of life

Mysterious realm - Also Known by another name: ( Star ................. ) - realm details are hidden
Lives for = ??? years of life

Transcendent Saint
Lives for = ??? - ??? - ??? years of life


Essence Beasts - Star Ranking System


Essence Beasts are strength levels separated by Tiers but ranked by Stars.

They divied from 1st Tier to 9th Tier of each martial cultivation realm.


Tier 1 - Body Training
Tier 2 - Aura Disciple
Tier 3 - True Foundation

With each Tier ranging from 1 Star to 9 Star to show battle power.

Tier 1 to Tier 4 beasts - Essence Beasts.

Tier 5 to Tier 8 beasts - Supreme Beasts.


Items and Weapon's Grades


Mortal - Earth - Heaven - Mystical - Supreme

Essence Stones - low-grade, middle-grade, upper-grade, top-grade and lastly, ultra-grade.

They are converted as follows:

One middle-grade essence stone - 10 low-grade essence stones.

One upper-grade essence stone - 100 middle-grade essence stones.

One top-grade essence stone - 1000 upper-grade essence stones.

One ultra-grade essence stone - 10000 top-grade essence stones.


Curious Terms


Destined Star \ Natial Star 

These are the stars that are governed by fate that are connected to every individual's soul.

Mystic Realm 

These are hidden, broken, or separate spaces that exist within another world, either left behind by great entities or are formed by nature over time.


The is the intent of all things, the sole will formed by the unity of weapon and man's own mentality.

Martial Path

This is the way of martial arts followed by a practitioner, it can vary based on one's own innate elemental attributes, bloodline, traits and special bodies.

Dao Strand

Spoiler... to explain at x time...