DV Chapter 7

Entering the Digiverse

“A long time ago, there was a god who governed all things. He was said to have possessed a mystical treasure with the power to defy everything, but in fear of its power, he sealed it away in the universe’s core. That place was a realm born of the Universe Ring known as the Digiverse, a relic capable of connecting all beings scattered across the endless cosmos.”

Nero’s eyes showed a trace of interest while listening to the All-Seer’s story. Still, the All-Seer merely continued, “One day, the god’s will had beckoned to the universe, proclaiming the start of a contest, one that would grant the winner his treasure itself, thus beginning the start of a new age, marking it as the Digi Age. Whether it be for power, glory, or knowledge, countless warriors must battle and fight in the ultimate contest. For only with strength can one claim this treasure, and so long as they grasp it, any of their desire will come true,” the All-Seer said with a smiling expression shown by the curvature of its eye.

Adult Nero observed in silence. His eyes were indifferent to everything as no one knew his thoughts, and he seemed no different from an observer in the passing.

Unlike him, however, Nero’s eyes beamed, even more so when he heard the fanciful tale. He was highly anticipative of the potential to heal his mother, but even so, he soon calmed himself down. He wasn’t foolish; he knew such things would not be as simple as stated.

“So you’re saying that this treasure of this being can save anyone, even with an unknown decease? How do you find it? What would be the price of acquiring such a fate defying a miracle from this object?”

The All-Seer chuckled and replied, “It’s at no cost at all, everything is just, and as such, you merely need to search these lands with your power. So long as you grow strong enough, you can face anything and accomplish any desired goals. I trust that finding the treasure will be no hassle. That is, of course, you can find its clues.”

Nero looked at the ‘smiling’ All-Seer sharpy as he thought to himself. I don’t trust him at all, but… he is the only lead I have to my mother’s health. I must take this chance. Since science can’t cure her, I can only rely on fantasy. Hmm, he talked about the Universe Ring. Going by what he said, it’s more like a server connecting to a network, the place known as the Digiverse. Once there, I’ll be battling with alien lifeforms. With these risks to consider, I’ll need to confirm a few more details.

Nero wrapped up his ponderings and spoke, “Fine, I agree, I’ll venture into the Digiverse, and I’ll also do my best to acquire strength and find this treasure. However, I need confirmation for a few things.”

The All-Seer made an ‘ambiguous-smile’ but showed surprise when he heard Nero’s latter words. He replied, “Hmm, questions? Sure, speak, and I shall answer.”

Nero didn’t hold back anymore. He asked, “What is the name of the treasure that I must find? Can the beings from other worlds affect my daily life on Earth? And finally, what happens if I die in that world?”

The All-Seer looked at Nero deeply before its expression became friendly again as it spoke, “The treasure you’ll seek is a treasure of many names. When you venture into the world, you’ll have to use your chances to find clues regarding its whereabouts. As for your second question, haha… let’s just say there are means for interaction between all worlds. Lastly, in answer to your final question, you won’t die through normal means, especially as a Novice Rank Digitizer. But as you progress, things will become more perilous. Now then, Nero, it’s time to make your choice. Shall you partake in this grand undertaking?”

Nero looked at the All-Seer deeply as his mind rapidly processed everything, considering his advantages and losses. Soon, his eyes shone determinedly, causing Adult Nero to sigh inwardly.

The All-Seer had an excited glint in his eyes as he spoke, “I take it that you’ve already made your choice.”

Nero nodded and spoke, “Correct; I am ready.”

“Haha, excellent, excellent! Nero Agustine of humankind, I officially welcome you to the Digiverse! May your Digi Force guide your way and your quest as a Digitizer be fruitful!”

Suddenly, the All-Seer waved his staff, causing the door behind him to glow in bright lights that slowly enveloped everything within its vicinity.

Shortly, Nero had vanished into it, and as Adult Nero slowly began to fade away, the All-Seer looked at him in silence.

Adult Nero did the same; the two seemed to be in a faceoff. Breaking the silence, the All-Seer spoke, sending off Adult Nero with a few resonant words, “Who will it be the next time we meet? The new or the old, hahaha!”

Not long after those words, Adult Nero, who remained silent, merely showed an indifferent look as his body vanished into the lights. Eventually, the glow faded, and the door closed.

Now, only the All-Seer remained hovering in this boundless space. It looked at the door in silence, but if one stared at it, they would see a look that would cause a chill to any who witnessed it as its eye vanished, revealing a set of sharp jagged teeth that curved upwards.


The Digiverse was an endless land filled with grand opportunities and equal dangers. Its mystery is unknown to all due to its sheer size and hidden realms.

Legend says that though extensive, this world was split into multiple sections, known as the Digi Zones. Within each zone was an area filled with hidden domains, and Zone Relics, home to treasures from the forgotten time. No one knew how many existed, but those who reached the farthest were the strongest of all Digitizers. To make it to these Digi Zones, a Digitizer must start from the beginning, a place outside of all else known as the Genesis Zone.

The Genesis Zone was a separate area that spanned many kilometers, filled with beginner villages that divided factions or various races.

All newly initiated Digitizers spawned into the Genesis Zone are spawned in separate beginner villages. Those from higher-status races are sent to the most extensive villages, but the weaker races, such as humankind, are spawned in much smaller areas.

At this moment, within the Genesis Zone, a village was about to welcome its newest arrival, a simple-looking settlement with wooden fences and stalls set up at street corners on an unpaved ground of soil and trimmed grass.

A white light beam shuttled from the heavens, crashing at the center of this village in a magic circle. Around it were a few locals garbed in simple villager armor with spears, looking like guards.

Behind the portal was a large wooden building, with an old lady seated on a chair with a staff in her hand. Occasionally, a few humans in simple-looking plain armor and other accessories hurried over to her to discuss something before rapidly leaving the village. Other than humans, however, some lifeforms had furry tails, cat ears, and other gentle-looking humanoids with unique features.

It didn’t take long for the ray of light that fell on the magic circle to reform into Nero, who stood at its center in simple linen clothing. However, such standard garments could not suppress his uncommon makings. His handsome face, silver hair, and red eyes, quickly attracted a few females’ attention.

“Oh look, who’s that young human hotty?” A cat-eared girl said as she looked towards the magic circle.

“Wow, so pretty!” A female from another fairy-like species lady said.

“Hey little brother, why not come over here? Let this young lady show you the ropes!” A mature voice said as one could see that this was a grown woman trying to act young. Her actions caused a few other women to look at her in contempt.

Around this time, a gorgeous fifteen-year-old human girl with long chestnut-brown hair, large, round eyes, a small nose, red lips, and a petite frame looked at this scene in silence. 

Though her bosom was a bit small like her stature, that didn’t detract from her delicate features. A decent-looking dress-like armor clearly defined her well-shaped body. Her red skirt fell a little below her supple thighs, with long black stockings tucked under her leg armor as shiny gauntlets wrapped around her lithe arms.

 “Such large-chested idiots, big brother, come, let’s go.” She said while shaking her head and walking away from the scene.

Behind her was a sturdy-looking brown-haired man in his twenties. He gave the impression of a mountain, giving off an overpowering feeling. His sculpted jaws, square-shaped head with thick eyes brows above his deep-set eyes, and broad straight nose further added to his character giving him an unyielding air.

He glanced at her and replied with a smile, “Ah, you’re quite impatient, now, aren’t you, sis? Well, I still have time to spare, and I guess you want to hurry and level up before you transfer tomorrow.”

The girl smiled and made a V sign with her fingers as she replied, “Yay, my brother is the best as always!”

The man rubbed her head as the duo walked by the crowded street, bypassing the onlookers who spoke in whispers.

“Hey, isn’t that…?” One person ushered while nudging someone’s shoulder.

Upon noticing the sturdy-looking man and young girl, the other person nodded in shock as he spoke, “Indeed, he’s a Digi Guider, definitely not from our Genesis Zone. It must be one of those descended from the Digi Zones guiding beginners for a few bucks. Che! Those bastards sure know how to reel in coins.”

While this scene quickly died down, the commotion caused by the women around the magic circle only grew more intense.

Nero, the target of these women’s affection, frowned. He didn’t think he was a celebrity. He snorted as he walked away, leaving them behind.

Yet, despite his rude and dismissing behavior, the women behind him seemed to find it even more attractive as some also went as far as to say, “Oh, he’s so fiery!”

Nero ignored everyone else and stood at the village entrance, gazing at the broad plains and forests before his eyes as he took a deep breath. He then gripped his fists, and his thoughts echoed his firm will.

This is where my struggle begins. Mother, watch me rise and change your fate. I shall become the strongest in this world to make you better again.

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