DV Chapter 8

Winfrey Village, Beginner Quest

Winfrey Village was one of many others used to welcome lower-class races in the Genesis Zone, governed by the ancient remnants born of the land, bounded by its rules. Unlike the Digitizers, who can compete for the treasure, the locals can only act as guides in solving their forgotten history. In some zones, they have built large kingdoms and empires, carrying on what remains of their ancient heritage. Within these regions, the Digitizers of powerful societies in the outside world had similarly constructed their influences.

Digitizers have many different classes, Novice, Lesser, Superior, Warrior, and Mystic, each divided into 100 levels, except for the Novice Class, which only has ten levels. Other ranks exist above these stages, but only the mightiest have uncovered such realms’ secrets.

Those within Genesis Zone are newly initiated Digitizers ranging from level 1 to 10. At level 10, one can transfer to the more distant and higher-ranked zone. However, to do so, they must face the trail of the Legacy Gate—a special event that occurs once a year.

Much like digitizers of the Genesis Zone, those from the other upper zones can also similarly arrive at these regions, but to do this, they must pay a large price. Even if they descend, they can only display powers comparable to that of a level 10 and are incapable of partaking in the zone’s events, dungeons, or any other special activities.

Typically, people like these would only descend to train their friends, family, or juniors of an associated group that recently awakened as a Digitizer. For this reason, they are called the Guiders, people who can only guide and offer direction.

At this moment, Nero sat alone in the restaurant corner, browsing through a book with lots of information. While he rested, Adult Nero even forwent his silence and spoke to him about the world and its customs.

Do such people have the power to attack novices?

Nero asked with his mind as he calmly sat around a table with his back leaned up against the chair, his current appearance drawing the eyes of a few roaming Digitizers.

Naturally, those who stared at him the most belonged to the group of the opposing gender, as there were already hushed discussions about adding him to some mysterious list.

Adult Nero, who sat and floated within Nero’s consciousness, answered, “No, their actions are limited as it’s among the rules required to descend to this zone. You can challenge them to a duel at most, and if they accept it, the battle will lead to no particular loss to you as the challenger.”

Nero paused for a bit before he spoke with his mind: I see. I suppose that answers all I need to know for now. What should I do next?

Adult Nero’s cold face showed a faint smile as he replied, “It’s simple. You only need to train.”

Nero frowned; he asked within his mind. Are you saying I should wander out into the fields of this unknown village and start a fight against random creatures?

“Pff…” Adult Nero almost laughed when he heard this, but he quickly reigned in on his mood and returned cold and severe.

“Listen, your main goal in the Genesis Zone is to awaken your Digitize Card completely. But before you can do so, you’ll need to achieve level 10. Once you achieve that level, you will be allowed to enter the grand event that will allow you to awaken the Digitize Card fully and then further your journey in the upper zones. So, for now, you only need to focus on leveling up and gaining actual combat experience, and the best way to achieve this is by taking quests. Now then, with that said, I leave the rest to you, don’t ask me any more pointless questions.”

After listening intently, Nero gained a better idea of what he should do, but as he recalled the final bit of words, he snorted and replied inwardly.

Hmph! What’s wrong with me asking you questions? You should be lucky I’m even asking you anything in your position.

Not hearing a reply from his’ adviser,’ Nero shook his head and stared at his arm with an interested look. He muttered, “Good, I have a better understanding now. It’s time I see my details. Check status.”

━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━


Name: Nero Agustine

Title: None | Prestige: None | Tier: Unranked

Level: 1 (EXP: 0 | Next: 55EXP)

HP: 100/100 | MP: 100/100

Combat Power: 40 | Speed: 50 km/h

Body Tenacity: 10 | Awareness: 70

Physique: Stage 0 (Effects: None)

Innate Talent: ???Eye (Unawakened)

Digitize Card: ???Unknown (Locked: Level 10)

Skills: None

Items: ???Special Gift (Locked: Level 10)

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

Nero’s eyes went wide in surprise. He expected to see an extremely complicated sheet filled with complex calculations typically found in video games. However, the UI screen shown before his eyes was nothing less than strange.

Everything is as that bastard stated, but this thing about my eye. Is this that strange trait that’s allowed me to see those beings?

Nero had a pensive look as he recalled his usual ability to see miniature semi-transparent lifeforms on earth. He waited to see if he’d get a reply, but his older self-remained quiet, causing him to snort. Not bothering to think about it for now, something else soon caught his attention.

My speed, is this for real? 50 km/h, since when did I become comparable to a car?

Nero looked puzzled, but soon, he recalled the scene of him being brought by from literal death and the surprising speed he ran with when he left the district. Only now did he realize that his appearance not only turned for the better, but his body’s condition was of a different scale.

How does my Combat Power of 40 compare to actual pounds in force? I suppose I’ll have to experiment to find out. Hmm, that special gift should be that item that I got from that seer, everything else is self-explanatory, but as for Body Tenacity, I am not sure of it yet. If it is about my durability, I should be resistant to ordinary attacks.

Nero nodded in satisfaction as he rose to his feet and left the area. He headed towards the direction of the village chief as he concluded his thoughts with firm eyes.

I suppose I’ll find out my strength in actual combat.

As Nero walked, he bypassed a few individuals that looked no different from him, garbed in simple linen clothes without even so much of a weapon to fight anyone.

This made the spectacle of him being at the center of attention to fade a bit, but as he was still the best-looking male in the area, he naturally caught some attention.

One sinister-looking young master type, a youth with a red mohawk, pointed nose, and slender eyes, wearing simple-looking armor, stared at Nero’s location and frowned. He then turned to his friends and whispered something before walking away.

His friends looked at each other and nodded before they walked towards two different corners, vanishing from the public eye. Yet, even though they disappeared, Nero felt something unique, a strange feeling as if he could sense that he was being observed from two areas by sharp eyes.

Nero frowned: Strange, I never had this kind of skill. No, I’ve felt something like this before when I got chased, only it wasn’t this prominent. Since it’s affecting my senses, could this be the effect of that stat called Awareness?

Nero wondered as he focused on it more and could even clearly tell the directions of the sharp gazes, though he didn’t know who they were or how they looked.

Tsk! I don’t care who you are, but I won’t stand for being provoked ever again. With strength, I will shape my destiny.

Nero said to himself with a violent glint in his eyes; he couldn’t help but recall why he stopped fighting and resolved to take a beating.

A few years back, Nero had once hit a boy that provoked him about his mother’s illness, but it turned out that the hit was too severe due to him not holding back, using more force due to his past of being roughed up by thugs daily.

That youth was Velmon, son of the Marfield family, renowned throughout the Prominent Sector. The injury caused to Velmon resulted in his mother and him being sued by the Marfields, resulting in a hefty fine. After watching his sick mother kneel on the ground to beg for forgiveness from the family of the boy who provoked him, the opposing side’s family gave them a way out.

Originally Nero’s family wasn’t as miserable as they had lived in a slightly better area beyond the walls of the Gutters. However, that day, they lost everything and could only take what they had left to make do with a shabby house.

Since then, Nero had matured even more and reigned in on his mood far more than many adults. He became silent and didn’t speak or care about anyone other than his mother.

Nero clicked his teeth in dissatisfaction as he recalled the terrible memory. Eventually, he made his way through the crowd of humans and non-human individuals, arriving at the elderly lady dressed in a white hooded robe with rune symbols.

She had a bored look, as if she grew tired of everything, but her eyes brightened when she saw Nero. Not waiting for Nero to speak and question her, she prompted the dialogue, “Handsome little one, I welcome you to the Digiverse as chief of Winfrey Village. You must be confused because it is your first time, but fear not. I shall guide you. As a first-timer, you must carry out one task before you can begin questing, it’s a tough task for beginners, but as I’ve seen your eyes filled with spirit, I can tell that you are different from the rest. Are you willing to accept the test?”

Nero was surprised by this, but he promptly replied innocently, “Respected Chief, I am ready to accept any mission?”

The Village Chief nodded at his manners and spoke, “Good child, since you’re so brave, I’ll grant you this test. There is a stubborn tyrant that dwells in the east. Prove your strength by defeating it in a battle to end its tyranny.”

━━━━━━━━┛ ✠ ┗━━━━━━━━


Beginner Quest: Defeat Winfrey’s Tyrant!

Difficulty: Basic

Objective: Village Chief Pan of the Winfrey Village has offered you a compulsory beginner quest. Defeat the tyrant who guards the riverside of east Winfrey Village.

Rewards: 200 EXP, Prestige 50, Simple Iron Sword

━━━━━━━━┓ ✠ ┏━━━━━━━━

Nero found the quest details a bit strange, but he didn’t over-ponder it. He only wanted to get strong as soon as possible. He spoke, “You can count on me!”

Village Chief Pan smiled as she tossed Nero a small white box and spoke, “You are a very brave lad. Many before you have fought and failed best that tyrant. Here, take this with you and equip them. You’ll need it for your quest.”

Nero looked at the small white box and smiled as he saw the items on the menu. He promptly replied, “Thank you, I’ll do my best.” Nero then hurried off from this area towards his quest destination, but as he moved, a few individuals couldn’t help but sneer as they overheard the quest he had just taken. They chuckled as they knew full well just what kind of trouble he was about to face.

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