Loot Hero

LH Chapter 1

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“Finally, I have defeated the Bane of Darkork! With this, I can claim his treasured artifact and become famous throughout these lands!”

A female warrior in red said with excitement on her face. She was garbed in medieval breastplate armor, her chest area large and bountiful, housing massive mountains as she held onto a giant claymore the size of her body.

This woman was known as Brianna, a famous warrior of Igor, Land of Heroes, and valor. Behind her was the victim of her prowess. A defeated monster that sprawled over on the ground. The very creature known as the Darloc, a giant lizard with two tails, dark scaley skin, and a fiery breath known to turn any man into ashes.

It was a fierce some creature by all right, but it was also a pity, for today it had met its match.

Brianna looked at the ground, an area with a gold and silver pile and a dazzling treasure chest. Her eyes lit up when she saw it; she slowly reached for it and opened it, causing it to release a flash of bright light that illuminated her figure.

Seconds after, the lights faded, revealing the scene in its entirety. Brianna looked at the view before her intently. But soon, her face turned to shock as no longer did the chest stand before her. Instead, a scroll with text appeared, engraved by magic that spoke its words.

“Thanks for beating the boss, but this item has been claimed by me, the—”

Before the voice could finish, Brianna clenched the scroll with her palms, ripping it to pieces as a savage look came upon her pretty face. She raised her head with wild rage, shouting through the dungeon.”Loot Hero!”

Far away from the scene in the dungeon, on the hills of a forest area.

A lone figure stood there in silence, gazing down onto the cavern that led into its domain. A spikey-haired figure clad in robes, garbed in leather armor beneath. He sported a large backpack almost twice his size and wore a sword on his waist with numerous scrolls in his pockets.

It was he who was known as the Loot Hero. The enemy called out by Brianna, a nameless menace cursed onto these lands of warriors and heroes. As if he didn’t care about the cry, the Loot Hero, whose face was covered by cloth, showed an amusing glint in his sneaky eyes and gazed down below.

“Thanks for the loot,” he said in a soft voice, trailing into the area as he turned and vanished with the wind.


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