Loot Hero

LH Chapter 2

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Igor was a boundless land; its ranges stretched as far as the eyes could see, ladened with forests whose trees soared to the high reaches. Towering mountains loomed over the distance, casting shadows down below to pastures and fields. It was a beautiful sight, one reflective of peace, but even in such a setting, one shouldn’t dare to let their guard down. 

Other than animals and common wildlife, some creatures existed as a danger to many, monsters of the likes that sought only to bring destruction to whom they meet. Just like a peculiar party that now traveled through a rocky path blanketed the darkness of night.

“They’re coming this way. Raise your shields and prepare for combat!” A knight in armor shouted at his company, a small group of a dozen or so men armed heavily with swords and shields.

He was a bulky man, his features standing out from the other knights as he stood tall with a blue cloth wrapped around his neck and held a massive axe in one hand.

“Yes, Commander Spaz!” They yelled in reply as they swiftly took on a pentagram-shaped formation, surrounding a white coach pulled by a single horse. The wind rustled the bushes as it swept by them, creating a dismal mood in the night scene.

“Kreeee!” A series of sinister cries sounded. Instantly, a group of small green-skinned men tore through the shrubberies from both sides, charging toward them at great speed from the forest.

It was a batch of monsters with ugly faces that sported large noses and huge yellow eyes. They each wore shabbily made cloth armor and waved a small chipped sword in their hand with each step forward.

Sweat ran from the knights’ foreheads, dripping down onto their armor and weapons as they stared at incoming monsters. In moments, the sounds of weapons clashing echoed as both sides met, quickly engaging in deadly combat.

“Get back, foul beast!” Spaz shouted as an axe the size of a man chopped horizontally. It glowed in dazzling white lights that severed the body of the beasts, spewing their guts about the field.

“These Goblins, where did they come from? To think they’d attack us at such a crucial time,” he said, glaring at the enemy before his sights shifted to the object hidden within the carriage.

Inside rested a dimly shining chest engraved with ancient markings as if it had held a timeless history. From its appearance, one could tell that it was of high importance, and for such a reason, Spaz had chosen to travel with it unseen.

I feel that this might be more than— he was about to think something, but as his thoughts finished, his eyes narrowed as he heard a loud battle cry behind the small horde of goblins.


The deep cry shook the fields as a gust of wind blew across the area, rustling the tree branches as even the goblins and knights trembled at the force.

Spaz’s face grew grave, even more so as he saw the entity that appeared in his eyes.

It was a horned Ogre with a large spikey club, its body filled with unique tattoos, a beast the size of four men with an aggressive nature. The moment it appeared, all the fighting had ceased as if by prior agreement as the knights stared at it from afar, and goblins bowed humbly.

Spaz looked at his men briefly before he walked forward and spoke, “Why have you come here, Ogre?”

The Ogre, which seemed stupid at a glance, showed a cunning look. It pointed its club at the carriage. “Hahaha, you humans truly look down on our kind. You could fool others, but not the eyes of our master. That thing in your wagon, take it out, and we might leave you and your men in whole pieces.”

The faces of the knights changed as they didn’t think it would be so easily discovered, but unlike his men, Spaz only frowned for a moment before he brandished his axe, taking on a battle-ready posture.

“Hmph! A beast like you has no right to reason. Since you seek the treasure, come, and I’ll send you on your way to doom!”

“Hahaha, as you wish, foolish human knight. Minions, prepare to kill them all!” The Ogre said as he hoisted his club, commanding his goblin army.

The cries of the goblin sounded once more as the scene grew incredibly tense. Spaz’s axe started to gleam as he prepared to make the first move, but at this time, he saw that the Ogre made a shocked expression while staring at the carriage behind him.

Huh? What’s going on? Spaz had an odd look on his face, but as he glanced around and noticed that the cart was now empty, his face sunk even more, especially when he saw a magic scroll that floated in the air.

“I’m sorry to disturb you, but this item is now my property. Carry on and do take care, may victory come to the winning side. Signed, the Looter.” The voice said as its tone seemed as if it was mocking their lack of diligence.

As if in a state of synchrony, both Spaz and the Ogre looked at each other in shock. But soon, their faces turned to realization, their anger soaring high to the heavens; both raised their heads high and cried out together.

“Loot Hero!”


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