Loot Hero — An Audio Tale

Loot Hero

Loot Hero

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, LitRPG, Game World, Game Elements, Level Up, OP MC, Power Fantasy

Status: 1+ Chapters (Ongoing)


In a world of magic and mystery, one filled with warriors, monsters, and legends alike. The conflict between humans and demons remained everlasting. In this realm, and once every age, one warrior will rise to challenge the demon's leader, a hero whose goal is to bring temporary peace to the realm. Rumor has it that in the last great war, the legendary hero himself, a nameless man, had ventured with his squad to conqueror the Great Demon Lord. It was a battle that resulted in victory, but ever since, the hero that was one renowned for his bravery had changed, his fame now that of infamy as he became a menace on these lands, the Loot Hero.

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