Meet Myria

She is a gentle and lovable fairy by nature, with a somewhat reckless nature despite having a bit of wisdom due to age. However, don’t let this fool you into thinking she won’t harm a fly. Provoke this cute little beauty and you’ll not only find yourself in hell, but your family and all of your companions will join you on the ride.

Still, despite her temper tantrums she is mostly a playful creature, who often tends to tease those whom she’s comfortable being with. Her powers are mostly ancient kind, based on the element of water, however, through communicating with nature she is capable of wielding connecting elemental magics after performing an arduous chant.

Want to find out more about Myria? You can follow her story in Book 3 and Book 4 of Dual Sword God, read online on this site by registering as a member or on Patreon. You can also choose to purchase the kindle book on Amazon.

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