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Hello everyone, like my stories and webtoons, want more? If so, you can join my patreon through the use of the button below to join the growing community of the Shadow Universe. Patreons will gain early access to ongoing chapters from all my book series, as well as to exclusive scenes. Join now and become part of an ever-growing community of action-packed fiction lovers, with lore and mystery at every turn.

My Patreon and Supporters

A special thank you to my earliest supporters, whose been with me since the beginning.

Michael Baron 2018, Bryan Wiggins 2018

Tevin Massay 2018, Samson Xayasine 2018

A special thank you to my helpful supporters since 2019 - 2020

Randy Smith 2019, Charles Eva 2020

Rinsevg 2020, Jim Breck 2020

Richard Garrettย 2020

A special thank you to my newest supporters since 2021

John O'Connor 2021, James Francis 2021

R.O. Sowell 2021, William Drennan 2021

Justin Kinnison 2021, Mark Strong 2021

Quest Walker 2021, Martyna Kolosowska 2021

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