Chronicle of Lightning

Prologue- CL

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In a world enveloped by a swirl of energies that formed a scene that was similar to a bottomless vortex, a group of drifting landforms could be noticed hovering around its outermost edges. These were joined together in a strange formation and had a variety of sizes, the centermost lands being of a much larger scale when compared to the exterior areas. An unusual array of towers proudly stood at the center of each landmass, as the central most land had the tallest tower of all. This tower stood tall among residents of this land as if it was a guardian who watched over the world.

If one looked closely, one would see a strange light occasionally flickering from each of these towers as they formed a pillar of colorful rays that connected with the chaotic skies.

They formed a pale white barrier that had surrounded all of the lands, creating an enclosed world unaffected by the influences of the vortex’s chaotic storms. This barrier was quite similar to an actual sky, as it could transition between the daytime, the afternoon, and the night. Marking each passing of the hour, each change of a given season. Yet, while this magical sky had the power to prevent the chaotic storms from completely devastating the lands within its enclosure, it could not hinder any sudden or abrupt changes that these storms may brew up within its boundaries.


This place was unknown, a mystery to many who exist within the myriad of realms. One entrapped by the heavens was cursed to remain obscured by the perpetual storms of the swirling chaos till the end of time, a place that came to be known as the Myriad Storm Domain.

At the edge of this world, on a small landmass that was no bigger than a few thousand square kilometers, there was a settlement that remained detached. It was a place that would usually carry a great deal of liveliness and spirit, but today its atmosphere was of a different kind.

At the liveliest hours of daylight, the sky that would typically be a display of bright azure with random clumps of white clouds had changed. The atmosphere became shrouded by an oppressive cluster of dark clouds. These clouds blanketed the sky for as far as one could see as a terrifying thunderstorm loomed above the heavens, threatening the very earth beneath its reign.

The rumbling sounds of thunder resounded across the world as colorful streaks of humongous lightning bolts snaked across the sky as if displaying their dominance to the world.

A large village existing within this land now transformed into a desolate area, as its citizens scampered about as they fled towards a variety of cave shelters in the distance.

“Quickly run to the shelters!” One individual said in a panic.

“Move faster! Hurry!” Another said flusteredly.

The villagers fled with all their might, luckily avoiding the stray streaks of thunderbolts that wreaked havoc upon the land arriving at a few of the nearby caves.

Shortly after their escape, a massive blue thunderbolt with purple streaks had bolted from the heavens. It crashed into the earth within the region of the devastated village and the distant sheltering caverns, creating a gigantic crater for a few hundred meters as sparks of electricity scattered about the vicinity.

Soon, most of the lights from the massive bolt of lightning had waned, along with the previously thunderous scene. The storm clouds were fading as they started to reveal patches of the azure sky, causing rays of sunlight to beam downwards at the surroundings bringing focus to the massive crater.

There, two figures resided, one a small five-year-old boy with sparkling blue hair that flowed with the wind. The other was that of a gorgeous woman with peerless grace that gently held him and gazed at him with care.

Her black hair was bundled together into a long ponytail that fell to her knees, as her alluring red lips curved into a smile. Her jewel-like golden eyes were now gazing into the eyes of the sleeping child held within her embrace. She wore a sleeveless rose-patterned purple robe tightly bounded by a golden sash with exquisite markings.

While she stood, the robe’s lower hems flowed back and forth due to the rising winds. Suddenly, she looked towards her side and noticed that a lot of people had gathered around the massive crater.

They each looked at the child in her arms with an unparalleled amount of hatred in their eyes. A few of them had tearful eyes, while others emanated a dense amount of killing intent, ready to strike at a moment’s notice.

The woman facing this scene subconsciously increased her grip on the child as her bright golden eyes gleamed with a steady light. She glared at the leading individual standing at the forefront of the angered villagers before parting her lips and speaking in a solemn voice. “I don’t care what you have to say, nor what might have happened because of his birth, for the only thing I shall state right now is that from this day on, he is my child.”

The world remained in silence, as despite being angered, a few of the male villagers among the group couldn’t help but fall into a daze as they stared at the woman. Despite wearing a stern expression, she was incapable of shielding her body’s natural allure.

The fragrant scent of roses now wafting towards the noses of many due to the increasing winds making the individuals unable to rush forward to attack with brute force. The leader of this group was a versatile looking middle-aged man that wore decorated clothing. He gazed towards her with an in-depth look before clearing his thoughts.

As he recalled her previous words, he frowned as his eyes then ruthlessly glanced at the boy in her arms before he looked at her and replied, “Good! Good!! Good!!!” He said this in anger as his eyes became bloodshot before he continued, “Fen Hua, I hope that you will remember this day. Remember the day that you chose to raise that demon!”

His voice reverberated across the surroundings as he turned around and walked away. The villagers looked towards the child with hatred once more before they turned around and made their way towards the ruined village.

Fen Hua looked at the villagers leaving with a slight regret in her eyes for a moment before she shook her head and glanced down at the sleeping boy in her embrace. His small figure basked in rays from above as his hair gave off a divine radiance even in his state of dreams.

She smiled before gently rubbing his head and spoke, “Don’t worry Little Dai, for mother will protect you.”

Her charming voice seemed as if it could soothe the heavens, as the winds swept it across the devastated surroundings, the world now welcoming a new change.

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