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ShadowsNet is a self-publishing online platform for content created by book author and digital artist ShadowsFinger. These content may vary from book series, to webtoons, and may change according to the passage of time.

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Hello, I am a hobby Digital Artist and Web Developer that has an interest in web novels, particularly the wuxia genre. It is for this reason that I have decided to challenge this field as I thought it would be fun to try out this newfound interest.

I am from the Caribbean, a typical third-world setting, but despite so, my interest in many creative fields has led to quite a few ventures. Writing is my current goal, ever since I tried my hands at it in 2018, I couldn't put it down as I found myself having a lot of fun so far exploring this area. While I'd initially planned to keep things small I found that by diving into the complex mysteries and strings of interestingly connected characters. It has allowed me to create stories that even I myself find intriguing, haha.

So far I have written a few tales, the first being Dual Sword God - a tale of reincarnation and a young man's journey to achieve his limits as a swordsman. The second is King of Dragons, a western-style ancient times fantasy with dragons and mages. Lastly, third is the apocalyptic tale known as Dimension Apocalypse. Each of these series is at the time of writing this passage ongoing, and there are quite a few more stories that are set to come out within this timeframe.

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope that you will find my books, novels, and webtoons entertaining.


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