Dual Sword God

Dual Sword God


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Romance, Chinese


In the Bright Flame Kingdom, there exists a small town known as Machen Town. A boy of age 15 called Feng Yu was beaten to death by the son of the Xiang Clan. Upon his death, a soul that seemed to have traveled through time and space quickly took over the body. It was the soul of a martial arts expert from another world also bearing the name of Feng Yu. Seeing that he has been given a second chance of life he decided to take his new identity and his family with him on his journey to the peak of martial arts. This is the story of the Dual Sword God.

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Black Coming Soon Announcement Instagram Story

Dual Sword God Reviews

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Targetworks:
A truly great series, the characters feel realistic enough and the word setting is rather well done. I enjoyed reading every bit of it, seeing the protagonist starts his journey and not only awaken to his destiny but also embark on a path different from his previous life. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try out the wuxia genre.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Vedran:
A story of a man that died and got stuck in a new body (that belonged to just deceased useless noble brat). He surprises everibody with how he "changed" and started training. The book is well written with interesting characters and story, a good place to start exploring cultivation novels. Unlike standard, it doesn't have word padding or arrogant idots with "you are courting death" type expressions which means it can be read without skipping pagess.
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Steven Marshall:
During this whole series there was enjoyable world building, characters, and even power scaling which was not to bad, I’m already caught up with this series and decided to come leave a review, partially due to my enjoyment with the series and for thinking it deserved higher reviews then 4 stars shown, this book really is just the tip of the iceberg for a great series and I usually don’t even enjoy Wuxia, pleasantly surprised with this series.
β€œThis was a fun book. I am glad that I read it. You should try it too.”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Clint Young:
I am not going to share my reasoning, thoughts on the book, or any opinions that would influence your decision to read it. I am simply saying that I liked it. I would like you to read it and make your own decision. After all, you are a much better judge of what you will like than anyone here. I will happily discuss the book with you on Goodreads if you are so inclined. As always, I am open to debates and arguments, but also vain enough to seek acknowledgement, so feel free to roast me or applaud my efforts. Either is acceptable, because if you are paying attention to me then you are at least considering the book. And THAT my friends is exactly why you see my comments here.
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