Dimension Apocalpyse Book 1 Cover

Dimension Apocalypse


Action, Romance, System, Litrpg, Gamelit, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Apocaplyse, Post Apocaplitc, Survival, Mature, OP MC, Game Elements, Leveling.

Status: (Ongoing)


The future is never decided —Evan Cross, D.E Year: 0015

Did anyone ever tell you of the Dimension Rifts? Yes, portals to other dimensions that had had one day sprung up all over the entire world. Rumors said that happened on a day like any other and came without any warning. Evan Cross, a warrior from the destroyed future of Earth, struggles to fight against the inevitable fate of humankind. After failing to save the world in his previous life, he was granted a second chance. Can he defy the world's future? Find out now in this LitRPG System Tale of one man's quest, to prevent the end of all humanity.

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