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    It’s the month of Halloween!

    Hello guys! It’s the month of Halloween, and it likes to wish for everyone to have a spooky blast! In celebration for the rest of this month, I have decided to host a little contest, to those who can draw a spooky version of their favorite DSG characters. I will be gifting the best with a special Halloween T-Shirt. You can post your work on my facebook, or on my Patreon to participate and 3 best and most liked works shall receive the prizes! Please do have fun! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ShadowsFinger

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    Chapters 1 to 100+ are fully posted!

    Hey guys, all chapters from 1 to 100+ are now posted, I am working on posting chapters 100 to 200 quickly as well. You can already read a few which have not to be limited to membership access, if you find the series interesting opt-in for Free Membership to get to try out a few more chapters and occasional access to higher chapters. Or, you can choose to sign up a Daily Member of Monthly Member gaining access to not only all currently updated chapters but also any exclusive book titles. With that said, please have a great time reading!

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    Prologue- CL

    In a world enveloped by a swirl of energies that formed a scene that was similar to a bottomless vortex, a group of drifting landforms could be noticed hovering around its outermost edges. These were joined together in a strange formation and had a variety of sizes, the centermost lands being of a much larger scale when compared to the exterior areas. An unusual array of towers proudly stood at the center of each landmass, as the central most land had the tallest tower of all. This tower stood tall among residents of this land as if it was a guardian who watched over the world. If one looked closely,…

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    Meet Myria

    She is a gentle and lovable fairy by nature, with a somewhat reckless nature despite having a bit of wisdom due to age. However, don’t let this fool you into thinking she won’t harm a fly. Provoke this cute little beauty and you’ll not only find yourself in hell, but your family and all of your companions will join you on the ride. Still, despite her temper tantrums she is mostly a playful creature, who often tends to tease those whom she’s comfortable being with. Her powers are mostly ancient kind, based on the element of water, however, through communicating with nature she is capable of wielding connecting elemental magics…

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    Dual Sword God Book 1 – 3

    Get your copies of Dual Sword God Book 1 to Book 3 on Amazon today! Experience the start of a thrilling tale, filled with countless mysteries, powerful entities, and beautiful goddesses. Just where does the peak reside? Follow Feng Yu and his companions as they embark on a journey to find out! DSG – Book1 DSG – Book 2 DSG -Book3

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    Dual Sword God Book 5

    The Pre-Order for Dual Sword God Book 5 is now out, visit Amazon to claim your copy before anyone else! The journey continues as now our protagonist along with his mighty companions must begin their journey to the south, but little do they know that their journey southward would far from be a peaceful one… Dual Sword God Book 5 Link

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    Dual Sword God Book 4

    Hey guys, check out the current edition of Dual Sword God on Amazon! Get your copy today and see the epic conclusion of the ancient war that spanned a few generations, as demons fall, legends rise and mythical beings ascend into a new realm. Click here to get your copy – Dual Sword God Book 4

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    Chapter 36 – Dai Lin’s Fame, Hui Ying Visits

    The night quickly faded as dawn arrived once more. Within the circle of experts in Machen Town, a saying was now flowing amongst its grapevine. It was a rumor that could only be described as preposterous if spoken to the upper class of Bright Flame Kingdom and even more so to the ears of particular parties. Within a crowded bar, around a small table sat four unremarkable individuals, each of whom wore similar uniformed garments. As they sat and ate they discussed the various rumors that are common to the masses, however, it was not too long before their conversation reached the latest and most exciting news flowing around. “I’ve…

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    Chapter 35 – Dai Lin’s Strength, I’m Just a Passerby!

    Inside the Feng Clan Manor, within the meeting room. The mood in the Feng Clan was a solemn one, as all the core elders and clan officials had gathered to the meeting hall for an emergency meeting. Seated at the head of the table was Feng Yunlong and Feng Junling while Elder Duan and Elder Chen sat to the right and left sides respectively. Currently, they were discussing the methods to scout the groups hidden within Machen Town. “Reporting to Clan Leader, Supreme Elder, and Elders, so far we have found trails regarding the followers of the Prince of the Bright Flame Kingdom and the Genius of Western Shengyin Kingdom.…

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    Chapter 34 – Trouble at the Arena, An Unexpected Gathering

    Within the town of Machen, inside of the battle arena square. The mood went dark as a towering figure soon made his way towards the platform, following behind him were two individuals with different behaviors. As he reached the center of the audience, the towering figure promptly pulled out two decorated chairs from his storage ring neatly placing them on the ground near the battle platform. He then calmly went to the side and watched to two individuals seat themselves. Suddenly, one of the now seated individuals focused their vision on the two combatants on the platform and clapped his hands together. Clap! Clap! As if backed by a strange…