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    Chapter 185 -Wattpad

    Hello guys! The latest release for the teaser chapters from book 5 of Dual Sword God is now available on wattpad and patreon please enjoy! Wattpad – https://www.wattpad.com/756580140-dual-sword-god-chapter-185-the-land-of-the-fallen Patreon – https://www.patreon.com/posts/27016818

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    Dual Sword God Audiobook

    Hello guys! The audiobook for the book 1 of the Dual Sword God book series is now out and available on Audible and Amazon. If you’d like to receive a copy now visit the link provided below to purchase your copy today. I will also upload the retail sample for your enjoyment. So, please enjoy guys! Audiobook Link: Click Here   

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    Dual Sword God – Free Book Giveaway!

    Hello guys, in celebration for the soon to come release for the latest edition of the Dual Sword God book series. We have decided to do a free giveaway for most of book one for all of you to read! Follow the link offered below this post to the claim your free copy of most of book 1 today and stay tuned for the official release of Dual Sword God book 4 set to be available for sale tomorrow on Amazon! Link to Free Book: https://claims.prolificworks.com/free/Vll5acke

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    New Year Greetings!

    I know I am late, but I believe I owe you all a new years greetings. I have been busy with a lot of things especially with the finalizing for the latest edition of the Dual Sword God book series. I plan to do a mass release on patreon with all of the chapters of book 4 a few prior to its actual release the pre-order will also be out during that time frame as well. Well then, take care for now and have a great new year guys! Strive to work hard for your goals and dreams!

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    Dual Sword God Book 4 Update

    I know it’s been a while, but progress on the fourth book for Dual Sword God had been a bit sluggish due to the fact that I’ve been sick a for a period of time, still struggling with anxiety issues as I write this post. However, I can assure you that I am doing my best to finish this book in this month of December and get it out there for you all to see what happens next. This will be the largest book I’ve written this far so expect quite a bit of trilling content, and so with that said I hope everyone has a great month please do…

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    Map Design: The Eastern Lands

    Hey, this is the current map I have designed for a section of the Bright Flame Kingdom in Dual Sword God. I will do a more comprehensive map design detailing the entire world’s structure as well as Town layout sketches including some iconic locations and character conceptual artworks. I’m having fun with this new interest of mine, so I will do my best to keep it interesting for you guys who happen to enjoy this series. Have a great day guys! Shadows, out!

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    DSG Chapter 9: A Dangerous Situation, Golden Furred Ape King!

    The harsh rain soon ended abruptly, as if nature could feel something wrong. The clouds slowly began to part away revealing rays of light that shone down upon the forestry within the mountain range. A shadow was immersed by one of the sun rays creating a golden luminance throughout the area. It stood on top of a broken tree that was once a towering construct of nature reaching towards the vastness of the heavens. The air in the field was now very thick, and it was as if a knife could be used to slice the tense atmosphere. The Golden Furred Ape King stared at the injured members of its…

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    DSG Chapter 8: Monkey liquor

    Mount Tydol was a vast and mysterious mountain range filled with many kinds of unusual plants and strange beasts. There are many varieties of spiritual herbs and plants scattered about the rough grassy terrain, with spirit fruits growing from humongous ancient trees. Their branches have become so large that they appeared to have blocked off the sky as they stretched across the wild forestry deep within the mountain range. Roar! The cries of various types of essence beasts could faintly be heard resounding throughout the entire region, further increasing the wild and untamed atmosphere. The sky was getting bleak, as specks of water drops started to fall from the clouds…

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    DSG Chapter 7: Tydol Mountain Range

    In the blink of an eye, a week had passed, and the Sky Splitting School selection date was getting closer and closer. Machen Town quickly became more crowded with a merry atmosphere. The density of travelers, wanderers, and merchants was only increasing day by day with no sign of ending in the short term. Within the Feng Manor, on the extensive training field. Feng Yu could be seen training non-stop as flashes of white light danced around the area. Swish! Swish! Swish! A flash of light could be seen trailing in a straight line within the space of 10 meters. Vaguely, the figure of the young man could be seen…