I Level Up With My Family

ILVLUP Chapter 9

Ria Wakes Up


It was a world of darkness, akin to an infinite void, one without any traces of light. In this domain, a one-horned purple-haired woman floated through its dismal boundaries; her bright purple eyes now dim and lifeless, as she wore a seductive red combat dress, dyed with blood.

Ria, whose consciousness now floated within the abyss, had a dull look on her face, even more so as she stared at the only source of light that had abruptly appeared in this space.

Suddenly, the darkness of this realm faded, revealing an odd scene. It was a massacre with her standing at its center, the blood of her enemies staining her bare feet as she held two dripping crimson daggers in her palms.

Despite having the blood of many unknown foes on her face, she licked it away with her pinkish tongue, moistening her parched but juicy red lips that slowly curved upward into a cruel smile.

In this instant, as if she was overcome by something, Ria’s eyes had abruptly changed. Her expression turned to shock, then sadness as she looked at her bloodstained hands and the corpses around her.

“No… not again, I can’t go back. I gave it up for him,” Ria said in a panic as if driven by grief, tears flowing down her cheeks and her eyes as she fell onto her knees.

As if it could sense her mood, the world around her shook, shattering to pieces like shards of glass as everything once more faded into darkness, leaving only a single source of light.

It was an evil red ray that loomed over all things; it formed into the figure of an indistinct giant with two horns, one that looked down on Ria in this dark space with her arms holding her head.

For a moment, there was only silence, but soon after, the giant being spoke in a ruthless tone that resounded across the world, “You disappoint me!”

Ria trembled at this as she lifted her head, staring at the giant before she spoke, “I… I couldn’t. I love him!”

As if it was infuriated at her words, the dark space began to fluctuate as bright lights erupted from the giant, seeming to be able to destroy everything. It yelled back in a resonant tone, “Rialia Zorith! Remember my words. For your betrayal of our cause, you will pay the price!”

Ria looked at the giant who said this in silence; she knew that she had to face this someday, so she no longer complained; she only cared about one thing: her family.

“I know, but that time isn’t now…” Ria answered coldly, her eyes having both a mixture of sadness and firmness.

The red giant said nothing more, as it only stared at her in silence, both looking at each other as if between them were countless stories. Soon, the world vanished, and the brilliant white lights engulfed everything.


Marius had already dozed off as he sat at the side of Ria, the previous fight taking its toll on his body as the comfortable atmosphere in the simple wooden house quickly pulled him into the realm of dreams.

Suddenly, he felt a few changes in his surroundings, quickly rousing him from his sleepy state. In moments, he sat up, leaning against the bed’s headboard as he glanced around before looking at his wife.

To stir my senses, she must have moved a little. Maybe she’s coming around.

Marian looked at Ria with a gentle expression before turning towards the scene outside, looking at the brilliance of nature.

Such a beautiful world; this is a sight that one would hardly find on Earth. Well, I suppose it’s a given, there’s no pollution or filth in the air, but of course, this is only one aspect. If I were to recall the words of that old woodcutter, then underneath its grace is something more dangerous than one would see. Not to mention for the locals, for us to be summoned here is undoubtedly on no excellent deed. I, no, we can’t afford to let our guard down. We’ll need to acquire more strength.

Marius’ eyes shone with resolution. After wrapping up his thoughts, he prepared to get up and inspect some of the books in the study, but soon, he felt a strange surge of energy.

“Hmm, what’s this?” Marius said. He turned and noticed that it was coming from his wife at his side.

Instantly, Ria’s body had started to float from the bed. Soon, a surge of flames burst around her, seeming as if it was trying to devour her. It was a hazardous scene, but the flames vanished in less than a second, and everything returned to calmness.

“Was that another of her flair-ups?” Marius said with a look of concern as he felt the scene was slightly different from what he recalled. Not bothering to waste time, he hurriedly grabbed her hovering figure, holding her like a princess as he stared at her face with worry.

“Ria, wake up,” Marius said, hoping to rouse her from her slumber.

Ria’s eyes twitched as she opened them weakly before staring at her husband’s face. At first, she was a bit confused, but when her eyes grew clearer, they showed regret, fear, anxiousness, streams of tears ran down her cheeks when she spoke, “My dear husband, I’m sorry, this is all my fault.”

Marius stared at her deeply and sighed; he gently rubbed her head as if coaxing a child and spoke, “It’s okay now. It doesn’t matter whose fault it was, even if it’s a different world, no matter how dangerous it is, or for what purpose we were summoned here, so long as we have each other, nothing will hinder us from carving out a place to call home.”

Ria’s body trembled at Marian’s words, her eyes still flowing with tears. She firmly wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her head against his chest as she spoke, “T-Thank you… thank you for not hating me.”

“Haha, you worry too much; even if you were a devil’s wife, in the end, I’d still take you. I could never hate you, my dear wife,” Marius replied with a cheeky smile as he gently caressed her.

Ria was joyful at his words, her face flushed red, like a young girl in love, as her body started to heat up oddly. As he felt the furnace-like heat coming from his wife, Marius’s heart rate sped up; he knew what it meant when her body acted in this manner.

He looked down and saw that Ria had stared up at his face, with a red appearance. Her eyes showed a passionate look as even her breath grew unsteady when she opened her cherry red lips and spoke in a mesmerizing tone, “Honey, I… I’m feeling hot.”

Marius, hearing this had a jolt; no matter how many times he faced it, he was unable to calm down when she got like this, it was as if it were the ultimate kind of poison that could stir his soul and body.

“R-Ria, I-I’m not done talking. The previous danger could have gotten our children into trouble were I a normal man. It’s about time that you… that you explain to me everything behind.”

Marius babbled, but Ria pressed his body down with incredible strength before he could finish, straddling him from above as she licked her juicy lips and spoke in a tempting tone.

“My dear husband… I’ll tell you everything, but first… I must feast… I’m starved.”

Without another word, she placed her juicy lips on top of his broad and firm manly lips, pressing him down hard against the old bed. In this instance, Marius felt his mind go blank as she began to wildly suck as if trying to draw out his soul, causing him almost to lose himself in the moment of bliss. He savored the taste of her sweet tongue that frolicked in his mouth, much like a seductive dancer doing her best to entertain her man.

A strange scene occurred as a colorful energy that only Ria could see formed around Marius, it flowed from his body into hers, causing the lust within her eyes to grow stronger before it cycled back into his body.

In this state, Ria’s eyes became even crazier as she began to moan when she slid her mouth from his lips onto his neck, opening her mouth and showing a sharp set of teeth. She then bit hard onto his neck, causing blood to leak as she licked it over with glee.

Marius initially wanted to hold back as this wasn’t their private abode. However, Ria’s ‘poison’ seemed incredibly potent, making it too much to endure, and he gripped her firmly.

“Remember, you asked for it,” Marius said with a sharp look, squeezing her against his body as he prepared to trash her violently.

“Ahh~ take me now!” Ria moaned due to the excess use of force, as it was only when her husband acted like a beast that she felt most excited.

The mood seemed like it was about to hit a new peak, but sadly them, before they could bask in true joy, the door opened with a loud bang. The sound startled them both from their activities, killing the passionate air.

“Huh? Oh my goodness, I didn’t mean to… please excuse this old man, I wanted to say something, but I might have intruded at the wrong time. Please continue.” Woodman said in an embarrassed tone. His aged face showed a tinge of red as he hurriedly closed the door and left.

Both husband and wife stared at each other with looks of surprise before they started to laugh, showing no embarrassment at all, waking both Grevlin and the previously snoozing Little Rose from their slumber. With the family now fully awakened, they would finally begin their official day in this brand-new world.

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