I Level Up With My Family

ILVLUP Chapter 10

The Family Link, Ria’s Worry?


“Yay, it’s Mama! Mama hug-hug!” Rose said as she shuffled to the edge of her bed with wobbly steps, seeming like she was about to fall.

Ria now had a change of mood, moving from heated passion to motherly affection, as she quickly jumped from Marius’ arms and held her daughter.

Marius felt a bit sad; he scratched his head with a defeated expression before he stared at the scene with a warm look.

Ria now held the joyous Rose, holding her by her armpits; she rose her above her head and teased, “Hey now, was my little Rose worried about me?”

Rose had moist eyes as she spoke slightly unclearly, “Mama was Swick! I was sad!”

“Aww… my sweet girl, worry no more, for I’m fine now,” Ria said as she gently held her against her body, patting her head in a comforting manner.

Rose felt at peace as she laid her head on her mother, her small palms grasping the cloth on her dress as she smiled and spoke, “Mama, I’m glwad.”

Ria felt sweet on the inside; she held Rose on her ample chest, the soft cushiony feeling inspiring a wave of comfort in her. Marius turned away from this scene, smacking his lips silently; he didn’t want to admit it, but he was jealous of his daughter.

Grevlin being the obedient little boy he was, calmly stood at the side before he raised his hand and grasped Ria’s dress.

Ria turned and looked at him, noticing that his expression was one of longing. While holding Rose, she stooped down and patted his head as she spoke, “Hehe, Grev-Grev, what’s wrong? You’re acting shy today. Were you worried like your sister?”

Grevlin bit his lips and nodded as he rested his head against her belly. Ria turned even gentler as she spoke, “There-there now, as I’ve said to your sister, I am fine, so come on, chin up. Remember, you’re the eldest and a boy. You have to be strong for your little sister.”

As if he agreed with Ria’s words, Marius only spoke at this time, “That’s right, Grevlin, a man should never show weakness. He must always hold his head high, even when facing the worst of times. Now, come with me.”

Grevlin, hearing this, hurriedly let go of his mother’s dress and replied to his father, “Yes, dad.”

Ria looked at Marius, who was now standing with Grevlin. Seeing a stern look on his face, she thought: Oh, so he’s pushed his training regimen for Grevlin far earlier than planned. It seems that it’s unavoidable; he was destined to fight this way from the beginning due to his bloodline.

While Ria was looking at Grevlin and Marius, a strange scene occurred as a video game-like screen appeared before her eyes, causing her to look onward in surprise. It wasn’t a surprise for Marius, but Ria wasn’t born with a system like himself.

“Oh, what could this be?” Ria muttered in surprise, but a voice sounded in her mind, followed by the series of text on the screen.





Adaption phase is complete!



You are selected as the final lineage member to the Host!






Host Status: System Chosen is active!

All conditions have been met!






All lineage members have awakened the system panel!



The Innate Skill: Family Link has been awakened!


Ria looked on in shock, as even Marius, who was previously aiming to leave with Grevlin, had surprise on his face. He had also received a similar notification.


Family Link

Skill Type: Passive/Active


All system users of a lineage will be granted special abilities as additional innate talents. The stronger the family, the more potential skills awakened.

Lineage: (Edgewick)

Marius Level 3 | Rialia Level 3

Rosary Level 1 | Grevlin Level 1]

Inheritance Skills:

First Skill: Mind Sense (Unawakened)


Users will be granted the unique ability to sense the position and presence of any family member over a certain distance. The range will depend on the User’s level.


All family members must achieve Level 10

Second Skill: User is not at required level

Third Skill: User is not at required level

Fourth Skill: User is not at required level


What the heck? It awakened already, and here I thought it would have needed some crazy hidden condition. Haha, this is good; this is much better than expected! I wonder, how does it look for them?

Marius had a look of joy. He looked at the others before his eyes had a bright glimmer when he saw Grevlin, and Rose make a strange action.

“Father, look! I can see it too,” Grevlin said as he pointed at a black virtual screen that appeared before him, a gloomy aura permeating its being.

“Wow, such a pretty-pretty box!” Rose said from her mother’s arms. She pointed at a cute pink system window with hearts and flowers.

Ria looked at her husband in surprise as she spoke, “Honey, what’s going on? Isn’t this the system thing you said you were born with? Why are we able to use it now?”

Marius had a contemplative look as he replied, “I’m not sure myself, but after we came to this world, I had received a message about it being inheritable to my family. It’s a bit strange; I can understand it being awakened in Grevlin and Rose, but as for you.”

Marius paused his words there, but Ria knew what he meant; she was not born of Marius, who solely possessed the system’s strange power. It shouldn’t be possible for her to inherit it, even more so as she was a local of this world.

With a pensive expression, her eyes soon lit up as if she recalled the former words of the system. She replied, “I… I think it’s due to the re-summoning. When I readapted to this world, it must have found something foreign within me. Because of this, I was more or likely able to inherit it as if it’s a part of myself.”

Marius had a look of realization. He recalled his discussion with Woodman earlier and how he had mentioned the effects of changes that might occur in her resummoning.

He soon showed a look of acceptance as he found her words reasonable. He glanced at the family and then spoke, “Indeed, this is a good thing. It will help protect you all and guide you even with your strength progression. Haha, like me, the entire family can level up now.”

“Hehe, I suppose you’re right,” Ria said with a snicker. Though she didn’t have a system before, it didn’t matter to her, as she could sense the powers hidden within both her children.

This change is really unexpected, but it’s for the best. From what I can see, it might provide us with useful family-oriented techniques, the first similar to a kind of locater. Hmm, we’ll need to hurry and train both Grevlin and Rose to the required level.

Marius then cleared his thoughts as he looked at Grevlin, who tinkered with the dark system box with interest and spoke, “Come on, Grev, let’s get going.”

“Okay, father,” Grevlin said as he waved his hand, causing the box to disappear. He then walked over to Marius, who looked at Ria and spoke, “Ria, we’ll speak about that matter later tonight. For now, you can rest some more with Rose. Oh, and remember to greet the house owner when you feel better. He was the one to offer us shelter.”

Ria looked at Marius deeply as she sighed and spoke, “Alright, I’ll be here when you get back.”

Marius smiled, no longer saying anything, he left the room with Grevlin at his side. Now, only Ria and Rose were left. Rose looked up at her mother’s face and saw that she had a slightly sad look. She asked innocently, “Is Mama swad?”

Ria sighed, hiding her feelings from her daughter; she pinched her cute little nose and spoke, “Of course not; now come, let’s go greet the owner before we play outside.”

“Ouwner?” Rose asked.

“Yes, Owwwner,” Ria said, trying to help her pronounce the word correctly. She rubbed her daughter’s head.

Rose was a bright baby girl; she remembered the big mountain man, causing her face to shake with fear.

“Mama, no! He… he’s big and bwad!” Rose said in a hurry, her little body trembling, which caused Ria to sigh as she rubbed her back, thinking to herself.

So, he’s able to inspire your Hell Sense. If that’s the case, there is a 100% certainty of him knowing of our identities. For an Artian not to act against us is quite suspicious. What could he be plotting? This might be a more troublesome meeting than I’d thought.

Ria pondered as her clear purple eyes shone in a strange ray. Soon though, she cleared her thoughts and tried to ease her daughter’s worries.

“Rose, do not fear, for I will teach you a trick to deal with bad guys.”

“A twick?” Rose asked with a curious look on her face.

Ria found it adorable when she messed up her words; she assumed a teaching appearance; she grabbed her hand and brought it to her chest, placing her palms on top of her tiny beating heart.

Ria said, “Rose, look, if you place your palms on your chest, so long as you wish for your fears to vanish, you will never be afraid again.”

Rose hearing this was a bit puzzling, but she tried to do it, “Really? Mama, will all fwears go away?”

Ria nodded and replied, “That’s right, but remember, it will only work when you wish really hard, okay?”

Rose made a slightly confused look, but her large eyes soon after flashed as if she understood; she nodded her head and replied with a smile, “Okay!”

“Good child,” Ria said as she smiled at her daughter’s intelligence; she patted her head before lifting her and leaving the room. Soon, they arrived in the main living area, catching sight of the neat wooden furniture and furry mats.

Ria’s face turned stern as, unlike Marius, she felt a tinge of danger from the furry mats on the ground. A danger like no other, as if in each of them was a residual intent of its former being, monsters of a power well beyond the norm.

Ria then looked outside, gazing at the gorgeous scenery; she noticed that a few other mountains were lined across the horizon, as towering trees had encompassed most of their surroundings. A fresh and cool air, seeping within her body, carried an abundance of pure energies unnoticeable to those not of this world.

This place… why does it have such rich mana power? Just where are we, Ria thought while looking around in shock, but her eyes soon after turned back to the fur mats; she pondered with a solemn face.

If these skins are what I think they are… then I’m afraid that the owner of this house.

Ria was about to wrap up her thoughts but was soon distracted by a noise outside. The sound of wood being cut. Ria glanced in the direction only to notice an old man was cutting wood around a tree stump.

A resonant, but oddly synchronic sound, as if each stroke of the axe was in harmony with nature. For each swing of this axe, Ria began to sense something strange. It was as if the world around her had transformed, and she had taken the place of the log, staring at the giant axe edges that glistened in a sharp ray as it loomed above her, implying she was nothing more than a block of wood to be cut.

In this instance, the old man, who was the giant, had appeared over her, holding the axe’s handle as he gazed down at her with sharp eyes that glowed in dim blue lights.

Ria trembled in shock, as much to surprise, she found that she couldn’t move; her face now filled with terror, as her Hell Sense struck her with a profound sense of crisis.

I… I’m going to be killed! This man, he’s certainly a….

Ria’s mind echoed as she tried to urge her powers to pull through, but sadly, it was to no avail. The old man slowly raised the axe, looking as if he was about to cut down at any moment, but there was an unexpected scene before that could happen.

Rose, who trembled at the sight of the old man, placed her small palms on her chest and spoke innocently, “All fwears must disappear!”

Her words seemed as if it had a mana power that caused a change that the Old Woodcutter would have never anticipated.

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