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Dual Sword God Cover Book 5 Version 2

Dual Sword God Book 5
Coming Soon Late November


Amazon Book Reviews:

"The story gets better with each volume! A great book and continuation from the first volume. The characters and storyline truly captures your interests......" - By Cash - July 31, 2018
"This story has a very good plot. The main character isn't soo overpowered that he doesn't face trials throughout the story. These trials help him grow as a character. I would recommend this story to anyone..." - By Amazon Reviewer -  July 5, 2018
"This book starts out a little slow but once the fighting and training start that's where the story and intense trails the main character faces show up non stop. Can't wait for the second book where trail selections start...." By DEDph3 - June 18, 2018
"Really a great story, enjoyed every minute of it. Don't let the grammar nuts decide for you and keep you from a great read. This story is original...even in a genre where everyone is cultivating, leveling up, whacking each other with swords and power...this one stands out and the story shines. I really got into this one. The author keeps the story moving, without boring you to tears with endless pages of description...right in the middle of the action! Give it a try!" By Az - April 28, 2018
"About a young fighter who leave home. The story goes from one adventure to another as the young man learns new ways to fight, so he can win the comparison at his hometown and help his family." By Marsha Allison - May 27, 2018
"Rebirth cultivation wuxia story, very fun! Clean fun for any reader, fast action, and leveling. I will read the next books in this series." By Aaron Frisell - April 20, 2018


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