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    Dimension Apocalypse Book 2 is now out!

    So, I have finally published the second edition of the Dimension Apocalypse series. It’s been a while, but we’ve finally gotten it completed.  I will upload the rest of the chapters on my website next week. If not, it should be uploaded entirely for website readers by the other week. Following this release, I will focus more on Dual Sword God and Digiverse. The aim is to get one of the finished at the end of the month. With that said, I hope you all have a great time reading! Use the link below: Amazon.com: Dimension Apocalypse Book 2: World Cataclysm eBook : Finger, Shadows: Kindle Store

  • I Level Up My Family Book 1

    I Level Up With My Family Is Now On Amazon!

    Hello all, my latest work, I Level Up My Family has now been released on Amazon. Follow along with Marius, a seemingly ordinary construction worker with a dark past, and his even more odd family born with unique traits. They will enter into a brand new world, filled with danger and excitement as they embark on a mission to become the world’s strongest family. Use this link: I Level Up With My Family – ShadowsNet

  • Dual Sword God Book 8 Wuxia Cultivation Series Cover

    Dual Sword God Book 8 Pre-Order!

    Hi guys, the Pre Order for Dual Sword God Book 8 is now on Amazon! Follow along on the main quest as Feng Yu and his allies continue their adventure in the southern lands, traveling into the mystical Five Element Mirage Zone to begin training. A place of until history that only few could remember. With so many eyes looking out for them and enemies on their trail, can everything proceed as planned? Find out now! You can grab your copy now over on the book’s main page or following the link below: Link – Amazon.com: Dual Sword God: Book 8: Five Element Disaster eBook: Finger, Shadows: Kindle Store Also,…

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