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    It’s the month of Halloween!

    Hello guys! It’s the month of Halloween, and it likes to wish for everyone to have a spooky blast! In celebration for the rest of this month, I have decided to host a little contest, to those who can draw a spooky version of their favorite DSG characters. I will be gifting the best with a special Halloween T-Shirt. You can post your work on my facebook, or on my Patreon to participate and 3 best and most liked works shall receive the prizes! Please do have fun! Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ShadowsFinger

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    Chapters 1 to 100+ are fully posted!

    Hey guys, all chapters from 1 to 100+ are now posted, I am working on posting chapters 100 to 200 quickly as well. You can already read a few which have not to be limited to membership access, if you find the series interesting opt-in for Free Membership to get to try out a few more chapters and occasional access to higher chapters. Or, you can choose to sign up a Daily Member of Monthly Member gaining access to not only all currently updated chapters but also any exclusive book titles. With that said, please have a great time reading!