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Dual Sword God Book 9 Release

Hello all, the new edition of Dual Sword God is now available on Amazon.

With the mystical Avonz Ruins on the verge of appearing, chaos had sprung loose upon the desolate southern lands, even more so within the major city of Easthaven. As its renowned conference commences, a grand plot unveils as those hidden for eons behind the dunes curtains rise to take action as the defenders of old prepare to resist their schemes. Can Feng Yu and his allies surmount the dangers? Or will they fall to the city’s calamity?

You can read the series by using this link – Amazon.com: Dual Sword God: Book 9: The Easthaven Conspiracy eBook : Finger, Shadows: Kindle Store



    • ShadowsFinger

      Thanks, I’m glad like it Bruce. It’s already in the works, I submitted it to the producers near the end of last month and they’ve already gotten a narrator set up for it. Right now, I’m working on Digitize and will be posting those chapters after I finish fixing up this website’s structure a bit, it was a bit unoptimized.

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