Happy New Year!

Hello everyone and a great 2023 to you all when it does come, I know that these past few years have been thought, even more so since 2020 and its looming pandemic. I just learn that my grandma died yesterday, out living my uncle who died to the pandemic since 2020; she was 103, and almost made it to the new year, but I suppose that alone in itself is its own blessing.

Regardless, I want to take this time to give you all a thumbs up, knowing that you’ve all pushed onward regardless of the outcomes in your own lives, living up to this point while pursuing your own endeavors and never stepping back. Know that you are all special!

Thank you all, those new, and mostly old, supporting this small hobby of mine from way back 2018. I know that I’m not the best lol but writing in itself has taught me many things that I didn’t even think to know about myself, and to that extent, I can say that it’s been quite the journey.

To be willing to support my works thought they aren’t quite popular like most others out there is something I can’t say enough thanks for. If there’s anything I can say, it’s that to me, you guys are legends.

Peace out, people.

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