Just an update

Haha, I love my new trailer, its so epic! It cost me alot, but so what, I like being Edgy, hehe. Another thing, I have started uploading my Dual Sword God chapters, will take a little while longer to get everything in order, since I have to do it by hand. Including those meddlesome next and previous links. 

In the mean time, you guys can read Dimension Apocalypse and Dragonkind, I have two more series rewrites on the way as well as the properly done over Dai Lin’s story, it is imperative that I get that done before I continue Dual Sword God, just clear up some background. As for Xin Qing’s, I think here’s can wait until I reach the halfway point of Dual Sword God, only then will here’s make sense.

With that said, I hope you have a great day or evening! I’ll give you all a new years shout soon!

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