Dimension Apocalypse Book 1 Is Now On Amazon!

Hey guys, check out my newest LitRPG and System Fantasy book, Dimension Apocalypse, a post-apocalyptic tale set to come out on Amazon very soon.

It is the rewrite of my former work, Ascenders Rift, an apocalyptic fiction much like the famous Solo Leveling, Seol Station Necromancer, and those Level Up, System Type Light Novels. You might find it to be quest interesting and unique compared to most in the genre as Evan simply does things differently, haha. Still, give it a read and see if you like it.

Check it out on Amazon now, and grab yourselves an early copy!

Use this link: Amazon.com: Dimension Apocalypse Book 1: A New Beginning eBook : Finger, Shadows: Kindle Store

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